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Started in September of 2020 we have recorded over 250 YouTube videos. Each range about 10 minutes long and cover D&D / Pathfinder primarily but other TTRPG's as well. We are primarily aimed at new Game Masters.

YouTube can be found here.

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Our Books

RPG Adventure Ideas - RPG Adventure Tropes for any TTRPG system. Tips and tricks on how to run 19 different adventures.

Human NPC's - 84 Character Sheets for D&D 5e systems. All base classes, levels 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18. Never need to roll up a random NPC again.

Dungeon Master Design Kit - A journal to help you plan and execute your RPG Campaign. Blank D&D 5e Character Sheets in the back with random names for people, places and taverns.

All Paperbacks under $10 and are 6"x9". All Kindle Editions are under $4.

Note the Journal is only in print form (because you need to write in it.......)

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Attend one of our free, or low cost courses to help you become a better Dungeon Master.

Tell Your Story ($0) - Learn how to bridge your Campaign ideas to your Gaming Sessions without losing important details.

Fantasy Locations ($3) - Never want for a name for any taverns, people, places, legendary artifacts again.

Just Enough Planning ($39). - Includes the other two courses and has so much more. If you need step-by-step instructions on how to take any idea from Campaign to Game Session this is the course for you.

Can't quite execute your vision as a game master?

I could easily come up with a world and create an idea to play, but I could never quite execute my vision. You see I realized that there is a huge step missing between the campaign setting and the individual game sessions. They didn't have the feel that I wanted. I could never make them into a complete story, until I switched over to the Play / Act / Scene Model of being a storyteller. Check it out below.