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Welcome to Skull RPG. We are here to help you learn to become a Dungeon Master, or enhance your skills as a Dungeon Master. Between us we have over 20 years of playing tabletop RPG’s and running Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 / 5e | GURPS | Nights Black Agents | World of Darkness (Mage / Vampire: The Masquerade) to name few of our favorite TTRPGs.

We love TTRPG’s of all flavors and want to help you become or be a better Dungeon Master / Game Master / Storyteller / etc. There are three ways to get started with us. If you like to read then check out our blog. If you want to watch or listen please check out our YouTube channel. If you need printable resources then please visit our Etsy store to see what we have built.

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Blog for Dungeon Masters from Beginners to Experts - free resources to help you be a better Game Master

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Dungeon Master Campaign Planner for any tabletop RPG including dungeons and dragons

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Dungeon and Dragons Amazon Books - Human NPC's 84 NPC Stat Blocks for D&D 5e
- Dungeon Master Design Kit an RPG Journal with Prompts to help you create an RPG from Scratch - works for any TTRPG system
- RPG Adventure Ideas 19 tabletop RPG adventure ideas to run in any game system today - spice up your D&D / TTRPG sessions with 19 different ideas to use.

10 Step RPG World Builder Checklist


Free World Creation Infographic

Get a step by step graphic to explain how to create a custom world in your tabletop role playing game. These steps work for Dungeons and Dragons / Pathfinder and any RPG.

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Best Selling Printable

Dungeon Master Campaign Planner for any tabletop RPG including dungeons and dragons

D&D Campaign Planner

Hello Dungeon Masters,

Do you want an easy to use guide to create your next campaign?

Check out our campaign planner for any TTRPG game. We will walk you through all the elements of good campaign planning. It covers the plan from the highest levels all the way down to the individual game sessions so that you can tell a cohesive story.

Check out our Campaign Planner on our Etsy store here.