RPG Adventure Ideas Free Gift

Get Your Free Gift (Send All The Charts)

Get every chart found in the appendix of the RPG Adventure Ideas book here. It will arrive as an editable PDF (if you open it in Adobe Acrobat) in case your handwriting is as bad as mine.

Get The Book (If You Haven't Already)

If you somehow arrived here without getting the book then I would suggest picking it up from Amazon here. It will explain how to use the charts, as well as, other adventures I cover in the book that don't have a chart.

Can't quite execute your vision as a game master?

I could easily come up with a world and create an idea to play, but I could never quite execute my vision. You see I realized that there is a huge step missing between the campaign setting and the individual game sessions. They didn't have the feel that I wanted. I could never make them into a complete story, until I switched over to the Play / Act / Scene Model of being a storyteller. Check it out below.

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