What is a Melody on the Wind (Air Elemental) in pathfinder 2e text on blue background with an image of a tornado that appears to have several human like faces in the wind

Air Elemental: Melody On The Wind

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What is a Air Elemental (Melody On The Wind) in Pathfinder 2e? This cloud of song and sound has been caught by the wind and carried across the air. While the melody on the wind (known by some as a song elemental, despite the fact that no such place as a plane of song exists in the known multiverse) might enjoy the beauty of music, it is by nature a destructive elemental force.

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What is a Melody on the Wind (Air Elemental) in pathfinder 2e text on blue background with an image of a tornado that appears to have several human like faces in the wind

Counter Any Verbal Spell

Retune (reaction trigger): The melody on the wind is targeted by a spell with the auditory trait; Effect The melody on the wind attempts to counteract the spell. If it succeeds, the spell effect is caught in a blast of wind that sweeps it back to its origin, affecting the caster. Targets of the triggering effect other than the melody on the wind are still affected normally.

Mesmerizing Melody

The melody on the wind sings in a sonorous chorus. Any creature in a 30-foot emanation must attempt a DC 30 Will save to resist becoming fascinated by the melody on the wind. A creature that succeeds at its save is temporarily immune for 24 hours.

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Elemental Vortexes

Where the boundary between planes wears thin, elementals manifest in the world through churning vortexes. Such gateways might lie at the heart of a volcano, a deep ocean trench, in regions beset with earthquakes, or within great storms.

The Plane of Air

The Plane of Air, innermost of the Elemental Planes, is a vast realm of wind, storms, and skies. Illuminated by great artificial globes of flame and distant starlight from the material universe, the plane is populated by air elementals, dragons, mephits, and a great empire of djinn.

Though mostly clouds and empty skies, the plane is not entirely bereft of solid ground, including rock and ice created by the residents or dragged into their realm from the distant Plane of Earth or neighboring Plane of Water, and bizarre, drifting spheres of brass and iron. While the former are aggressively fought over, most housing the cities of the vast djinn empire, the latter are almost entirely abandoned and shunned by the plane’s inhabitants, who believe them cursed, entrapping forgotten, ancient enemies who once ravaged the plane.

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Adventure Ideas

The Whistling Caverns

Rumors of a hidden treasure within a labyrinthine cave system have drawn the attention of the adventurers. As they explore the caverns, they encounter a Melody on the Wind that seems intent on guiding them through the tunnels with its haunting melodies. The adventurers must decipher the elemental’s musical clues to navigate the labyrinth, avoid deadly traps, and ultimately uncover the hidden treasure.

The Music Thief

A renowned composer is accused of stealing melodies from other musicians, but he insists that the music comes to him in his dreams. The adventurers are hired to prove his innocence and uncover the true source of the stolen melodies. In their investigation, they encounter a Melody on the Wind that has been inadvertently sharing its musical knowledge with the composer. The adventurers must negotiate with the song elemental to reach a solution that satisfies all parties.

The Silent Village

The adventurers stumble upon a village where all forms of music and song are forbidden. The townsfolk live in fear of a melody on the wind that once brought destruction to their community. The adventurers must uncover the source of the creature’s wrath and find a way to appease or banish it, allowing the village to live in harmony once more.

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