How to get Started... Pick a Path (or Three)

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The Skull RPG podcast is a daily show that covers how to take your game master skills to the next level.

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Think about your game like a play with several acts and numerous scenes.

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Find out how to scale the Play / Act / Scene model for months or years of play. Other courses available as well.

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Podcast: Tell Your Story!

In our daily podcast we cover game master tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your game immediately.

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PDF's and Downloads

If you like our podcast you will love what we have come up with. You can find a document that speaks about how to implement the Play / Act / Scene model. Also in this section we have other Storyteller tools that you can use in your games.

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Online Courses

Do you need help with problem players at your gaming table? Or maybe you want to have an easy way to run your play (campaign) for over a year or more? Maybe you just want to check out the free course that explains the Play / Act / Scene Model.

Either way you can learn more about any and all of those courses here.

Can't quite execute your vision as a game master?

I could easily come up with a world and create an idea to play, but I could never quite execute my vision. You see I realized that there is a huge step missing between the campaign setting and the individual game sessions. They didn't have the feel that I wanted. I could never make them into a complete story, until I switched over to the Play / Act / Scene Model of being a storyteller. Check it out below.

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