Play / Act /  Scene Model

Find out how to model your game campaign like a play so you can connect your story to your group.

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Just Enough Planning

Do you need help planning a campaign that can last for a year or more?

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Hitting Reset (coming soon!)

Is your game group off the rails? Too many problem players? Here is your answer.

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Tell Your Story Free

I had trouble connecting my cool story idea for over a year in our bi-weekly game sessions. There was a huge piece missing to connect the dots. Once I thought about my game in this way I was able to create overarching plots, subplots, and plan out my game sessions much easier.

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Tell Your Story Cover


Just Enough Planning

Take your planning to the next level without spending hours before each game session. Obtain a 14 page workbook (that can be easily expanded) to help you tell your story without missing details or forgetting to foreshadow critical details.

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Hitting Reset (Coming Soon)

Learn about the five types of "problem" players and the five types of gaming groups. Each type of player and group has a potential solution to get your game back on track, so that you can tell your story and partner with the players to have a great time.

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Can't quite execute your vision as a game master?

I could easily come up with a world and create an idea to play, but I could never quite execute my vision. You see I realized that there is a huge step missing between the campaign setting and the individual game sessions. They didn't have the feel that I wanted. I could never make them into a complete story, until I switched over to the Play / Act / Scene Model of being a storyteller. Check it out below.