September 29

Ending on a cliffhanger

Hey Storytellers,

Have you ever played a game where after the big battle (that took way too long) the game just ends there? No real conclusion, because you are running an hour or more late and people's significant others are texting asking where they are?

Here are some ways to prevent that:

1) Don't split up the loot. Instead, after the final person falls to the floor and the team is triumphant have them all roll checks to hear that something is moving in the room next to them and end for the night. Just as quick as ending the other way, but no one will ask about experience or loot. They are still in combat....

2) Have enemies rush in for another round of combat that will happen next week.

3) Have no loot of value on the people, because their personal rooms and loot must be behind the next door and you will pick up the game there next week.



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