October 17

Game Idea: Ghosts of children are really demons in your RPG

Hey Storytellers,

Nothing is more frightening in horror than children. If you haven't watched Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House (season 1) it is worth it. So much horror deals with children in some shape or form.

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What happens if you turn this on its head? What happens if your gaming group is asked to help a woman put to rest the ghost of a child? 

We will explore changing each ghost in your RPG to function as spirits of the dead do in the show Supernatural. There are rules to properly dispatch a ghost. 

And if your group determines that those rules don't work then what is left? What about a demon that can take on the appearance of a ghost child to invoke pity and fear? And those are the emotions it feeds upon.

 Come down the rabbit hole for a good story idea that you can use this week.



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