October 8

Handling your player’s odd request or evaluating your game to see if they are bored to tears

Hello Storytellers,

In a game, we are playing right now with our guest storyteller, which is the D&D 3.5 adaptation of the D&D 2.0 Temple of Elemental Evil.

We found a pair of bronze doors and of course we are now collecting things to build a tavern when we take that fateful arrow in the knee.

We are expending resources into this endeavor, which has absolutely zero to do with the game.

So the question has to be asked do you as our storyteller just break down and throw us a bronze door or something cool for the tavern every once in a while or follow the pre-built module to the letter?

As a storyteller I always ask myself if side obsessions like this are ok or are they indicating my players are bored. There isn't an easy answer to this, but by asking the question you can make your game better, even if that means you work with the players to build their tavern near the end of the campaign.



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