October 6

Horror Subgenres to incorporate or stay away from in your games

Hello Storytellers,

Today we explore the numerous subgenres of horror. Some of these I would never work into my game without express permission from my players. You never know what people's buttons are and horror is the one that will push many buttons (known or unknown).

Of course, some elements of horror can be used in any major genre. The abandoned town, ship, or space ship. The killer that is picking off people one by one and you are in a "closed-loop" situation, which means that you are stuck in that place with no escape for some reason.

Or the monster horror genre that is RPG to a tee, except most storytellers miss the opportunity to build up the suspense around their monster until the final conflict (think the first Alien movie).

Regardless of what you choose, come explore the many different types of subgenres of horror to see if one or more might liven up your next game session.



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