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How to adapt media into your RPG Campaigns

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Hey Storytellers,Have you ever thought to yourself, I wish we could play in the [insert movie or book] world? Well today we will discuss how to do that effectively.Learn more at https://skullrpg.comGet the free Tell Your Story course here: The first rule of playing in LOTR / GOT / Harry Potter / Star Wars / etc. is to NOT play as the characters in the story. If you are playing the story as written, first of all there is little storytelling, but what if one of your key scenes goes horribly wrong? What if the player that is running Frodo Baggins dies at Weathertop before even getting to the Council of Elrond and the ring is taken by the Naz Ghul? There literally goes your entire campaign.Instead play before or after the events of the book/movie, or if everyone really wants to play during the same time frame put them somewhere else in the world where they can do good and anything that happens to them is technically already figured into the story they are familiar with.The LOTR War in the North game is a good example of this. You are keeping evil at bay in the northern part of the continent. You are helping the heroes of LOTR but they don’t know it and your help is indirect.If you wanted to play in the Harry Potter universe you could play as ministers of magic that are hunting down Death Eaters during the timeline of the 7 books for example.Listen to the episode for more tips.



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