October 26

How to come up with ideas for your RPG campaign

Hello Storytellers,

Many people have issues coming up with good ideas to build a campaign off of. In this episode, we tackle four ways you can use to come up with good ideas for your next RPG.

The easiest way to get a new idea is to take an old idea and twist is a little bit. To be fair, one could argue that there are no truly new ideas anymore, just changes on a common theme.

So take media that you consume or have consumed. That could be books, podcasts, tv shows, movies, YouTube videos, or whatever else I might be missing. You will take ideas from here and tweak one a little. Or combine two or more ideas.

Another way to do this is to look at older RPG books (that are probably cheap used or can be found...) and take their ideas for worlds and history. 

Or you could choose to play in someone else's world, but not with the heroes they are used to. A lot of the LOTR video games do this. As do the Star Wars games. You play in a familiar world, not as the people you know.

For the next 6 episodes, we will be creating a game from scratch and walking you through how to come up with the idea, the conflict, the subplots, the game sessions (ideas for the first five anyway), the transitions between subplots, and more. 

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