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Play this Game Part 1 of 4: Killer Horror – Setting the scene

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​Hello Storytellers, This is a four-part video where we will walk you through setting up a multiple game session horror story where a killer is hunting down NPC’s one by one. It has mystery, intrigue and horror. If the players aren’t fast enough time itself will reset and they will live the events again until they can stop the killer from resetting time. Learn more at – I have the killer’s stats and NPC’s names, brief character sketches, and the first 5 days of who is murdered. All free – no email required. Get the free Tell Your Story course here:  Now back to the story. In this episode, we will detail out the scene. A small village in a valley surrounded by mountains. This allows you to have a closed-loop scenario. Once the players are in the village they have walked into a pocket dimension. Only a plane shift spell would free them, so this is best for characters of lower levels. 



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