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Play this Game Part 2 of 4: Killer Horror – Choosing the Killer

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​Hey Storytellers,Having an intriguing villain is critical for running a game in the horror genre, but especially true for the killer horror genre. The killer needs to be able to get in and out of places quickly, or unseen. Learn more at https://skullrpg.comGet the free Tell Your Story course here: Well the Pashisha from D&D 5e fits the bill with a slight change – the flesh eating demon really loves humanoid brains. Each victim is killed in a different way, poison, tiger or wolf attack, stabbing, pushed from a wall, but each and every one of them is missing their brain.The Pashisha can turn invisible and polymorph into a couple of different animals. If you want more of a challenge you can have multiple Pashisha’s or see that they dwell with other creatures and could have a lair.This is great for lower level characters as the challenge rating of the 5E Pashisha is just 3. But you could give is some additional levels to make it harder if your players are higher level.



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