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Play this Game Part 3 of 4: Killer Horror – The cast of NPC’s

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​Hello Storyteller,Welcome to part 3 of 4 of running a horror game with a killer picking off a cast of characters.In this episode we will show you how voices, inflections and verbal ticks could be used to distinguish between NPC’s. You could also do this with props, like hats, physical mannerisms, etc.Learn more at – check out the resources page for a downloadable pdf with the NPC’s and monster you will need for your D&D 5e game. No email needed.Get the free Tell Your Story course here: this first part, we create NPC’s for use in the game. They will be used to help move the players knowledge forward. They will be killed and suspicion will fall on them. Check out the episode and also the resources page for more.



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