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Play this Game Part 4 of 4: Killer Horror – Rest of the cast and the start of the murder timeline

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​Hello Storyteller,Welcome to part 4 of 4 of running a horror game with a killer picking off a cast of characters.In this episode we finish with the rest of the cast and cover the first 5 days of who is murdered and casting suspicion on other NPC’s.The key is to drive all of the murders to the last one. The brash wizard on Day 21. During the middle of her spell she is killed and this sets the village back three weeks in the past to repeat the same events until the players kill the monster.Learn more at – check out the resources page for a downloadable pdf with the NPC’s and monster you will need for your D&D 5e game. No email needed.Get the free Tell Your Story course here: the last part of our 4-part episodes we will conclude with the remaining NPC’s as well as the first 5 days of who gets murdered and how. Check out the episode and also the resources page for more.



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