What is a succubus in pathfinder 2e text on a blue background with an image of a demonic looking elvish woman in red


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What is a Succubus in Pathfinder 2e? Succubi are manifestations of the sin of destructive lust, and they are the most attractive of all demons—as befits their role in seducing mortals to fall to sin. The concept of gender is fluid to a succubus, as they can adopt countless humanoid forms of any gender to aid in their goals. Most succubi have a feminine true form (incubi, which usually have a masculine true form, are a different kind of demon), but regardless of gender, a lust demon is supernaturally beautiful or handsome, but with curving horns, bat wings, sharp claws, and a sinuous tail.

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What is a succubus in pathfinder 2e text on a blue background with an image of a demonic looking elvish woman in red

Deadly Whispers

When disguised as a mortal humanoid on the Material Plane, a succubus whispers into the ears of mortals, urging them to pursue their darkest and most destructive desires and pushing them into depravity, using magic only if persuasion fails.

While mortals often fixate on succubi’s application of sexual lust, these demons are can easily exploit lust for power, knowledge, fame, or any other desire as easily as more carnal appetites. Their ability to infiltrate societies makes them excellent spies, assassins, and political saboteurs as well. Ultimately, the succubus enjoys all means of upending mortal culture.

Vulnerable to Rejection

As succubi are beings of pure lust, creatures that reject their lust can metaphysically harm them. When a succubus fails a Diplomacy check to Embrace or Request, or when a creature succeeds at its save against a succubus’s mental spell or ability, the succubus takes 2d6 mental damage. For one hour after causing mental damage to a succubus in this way, a creature can deal 2d6 mental damage to the succubus with a successful Demoralize incorporating its rejection.

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Profane Gift

The succubus can give a willing humanoid a profane gift. That creature gains a +1 status bonus to attack rolls, skill checks, and saving throws. As long as the gift persists, the succubus can communicate telepathically with the target at any distance, see through the creature’s senses, and target the creature with suggestion through the telepathic link. In addition, the creature uses an outcome one degree of success worse than it rolls on saving throws against the lust demon’s suggestions.

A humanoid can’t have more than one profane gift at a time, and a succubus can’t grant more than one profane gift at a time. Removing the gift requires an atone ritual. The succubus can remove the gift as a free action to give the recipient a permanent stupefied 3 condition. A 4th-level restoration spell is required to reduce this stupefied condition by 1.

A summoned succubus can’t grant a profane gift.

Dwell In The Abyss

Succubus come from the Abyssal realm. As a corrosive rot in the roots of the Outer Sphere, or an antithetical, rival reality run aground into the Maelstrom at the dawn of time, the Abyss is a place of horror and destruction fed by mortal sin.

Each of its innumerable regions is a unique iteration of chaos and evil, each with its own terrible and twisted environment, with one driving maxim: the strong survive, while the weak suffer and are destroyed. Ruled by demons, and before them by the alien, nightmarish qlippoth, the Abyss, and its native beings seek only to ravage and destroy. While demons routinely rampage out into other planes when the Abyss manifests a great planar rift, the denizens of the Abyss are fractured and self-destructive.

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Adventure Ideas

A Web of Desire

A prominent noble has fallen under the spell of a seductive stranger, jeopardizing the stability of the kingdom. Unbeknownst to all, the stranger is a cunning succubus named Lilitha, who seeks to manipulate the noble into serving her demonic master. The adventurers must uncover Lilitha’s true identity and break her hold on the noble before the kingdom falls to chaos

The Siren’s Call

A series of mysterious disappearances has struck a seaside town, leaving the locals terrified. The adventurers discover that a succubus named Seraphine is luring unsuspecting victims to a hidden cove, where she feeds on their life energy. The party must put an end to Seraphine’s wicked scheme and rescue any remaining captives.

The Vengeful Lover

A powerful merchant hires the adventurers to investigate the sudden and mysterious disappearance of their spouse. As the party delves deeper into the case, they discover that a succubus seeking revenge for a past slight has kidnapped the spouse, intent on corrupting their soul. The adventurers must track down the demon and rescue the merchant’s spouse before it’s too late.

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