October 11

Using Gothic Horror and even the environment in your RPG

Hey Storytellers,

Gothic horror uses elements of death heavily, but sometimes has romance included as well. Poe was well known for this and Dracula by Bram Stoker is a classic in this genre.

So any game with the typical undead ghouls, ghosts, vampires and the like could fall into this genre.

One other area that I like to think about is if the plane of existence your players find themselves in is working against them. Imagine that every day or week your players are active in this environment they have to make a will save. Maybe it occurs anytime they do a violent act. If they fail they get a corruption point, and then when they wish to not do violence (or stop violence on another) they have to roll a d100. The save is the number of corruption points they have. On a fail the storyteller (that's you) chooses for them (evil grin).

You could combine these concepts where the world of the living is being corrupted by a Vampire Demigod and corruption is really servitude to it. That explains the corrupted paladins and clerics serving this beast. 



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