What is a Animated statue in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Animated statue in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Animated statue in Pathfinder 2e? Animated statues are often used to guard crypts, small shrines, or areas in government buildings where they can be positioned amid normal statues to hide their true nature until an intruder arouses their ire. Adventurers’ suspicions regarding statues suddenly animating and attacking has led many less scrupulous adventurers to automatically attack any statues they encounter, ruining harmless, ancient relics. Granted a semblance of life through the use of rituals or other strange magic, animated objects take many forms and serve a variety of uses. A few examples of typical animated objects are listed below. Many of these creatures serve as guardians, surprising unsuspecting adventurers when they suddenly attack. Others serve as idle distractions for the exceptionally rich, simple servants created to handle odd jobs, and the like.

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The Statues’ Ball

Once a year, in the city of Silverpeak, statues from all over the city come to life to attend a grand ball at the city’s center. This year, however, one statue has gone missing after the ball. The party is hired to investigate, leading them to a tale of statue romance, jealousy, and a desire to be free from the stone’s confines.

Guardians of the Forgotten Temple

Deep within the jungle lies a temple lost to time. Legends speak of a treasure protected by statues that come to life to defend it. As the party ventures into the temple, they must solve intricate puzzles, battle animated guardians, and uncover the tragic tale of a civilization that sought to protect its most sacred relic at all costs.

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The Sculptor’s Dream

In the quaint village of Clayhaven, a sculptor dreams of his creations, and by morning, they come to life. At first, the animated statues are benign, performing tasks and entertaining villagers. But as the sculptor’s dreams turn to nightmares, the statues become malevolent. The adventurers must enter the sculptor’s dreamscape to confront the source of the nightmares and save the village.

The Stonebound Heist

The city’s most renowned museum is set to unveil a statue said to be crafted by the gods themselves. However, on the night before the grand opening, the statue animates and steals a collection of precious artifacts. The party is hired to track down the rogue statue, leading them on a chase through the city’s underbelly, where they uncover a plot to overthrow the city’s leaders using the stolen artifacts.

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Adventure Ideas

The Stonebound Festival

Every year, the town of Marblebrook holds a festival where artists from all over showcase their statues. This year, however, as the moon reaches its zenith, every statue animates, dancing and celebrating on their own. But as dawn approaches, they don’t revert back. The party is called upon to investigate this prolonged enchantment, leading them to a forgotten ritual that must be completed before the statues can rest.

The Statues’ Revolt

The mining town of Stonewall has prospered by extracting a unique mineral used to create lifelike statues. But when these statues begin to animate and rebel against their creators, chaos ensues. The party must navigate the uprising, discovering the true nature of the mineral and the ancient spirit that seeks vengeance for its misuse.

In the grand city of Artisan’s Reach, there’s a gallery said to house the world’s most exquisite statues. Lately, visitors claim to hear whispers and pleas coming from within the gallery after sundown. The adventurers are hired to spend a night inside, only to find that the statues are sentient, each with a tale of woe and a plea for release.

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