What is a Ankhrav in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Ankhrav in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Ankhrav in Pathfinder 2e? These horse-sized, burrowing monsters generally avoid heavily settled areas like cities, but ankhravs’ predilection for livestock and humanoid flesh ensures that the creatures do not remain in the deep wilderness for long. Desperate farmers whose fields become infested by ankhravs often have little recourse but to seek the aid of adventurers.

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As if the appearance of a hungry ankhrav in a stretch of farmland isn’t bad enough, it almost always indicates the proximity of an ankhrav hive nearby. A disturbing number of ankhravs can infest a lair. However, adventurers brave enough to crawl through the tangled burrows are often rewarded with large amounts of treasure as ankhravs have a habit of dragging their victims back to the deepest corners of their den to feast, usually discarding the remains with most of the gear intact

The Buried Temple

A temple dedicated to an ancient deity has been buried beneath the sands, and it is believed that ankhravs are responsible. The adventurers are hired to excavate the temple and eliminate the ankhravs.

The Collapsing Mines

A series of mines are collapsing, trapping miners underground. It is believed that ankhravs are responsible for the collapses. The adventurers are hired to rescue the miners and put an end to the ankhrav threat.

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The Lost Caravan

A caravan carrying valuable goods has gone missing in the desert. It is believed that ankhravs attacked the caravan and dragged it underground. The adventurers are hired to locate the caravan, retrieve the goods, and eliminate the ankhravs.

The Underground City

An ancient underground city has been discovered, and explorers have been sent to map it out. However, none have returned, and it is believed that ankhravs have made the city their home. The adventurers are hired to clear out the ankhravs and make the city safe for exploration.

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Adventure Ideas

The Desert Crossing

A vital trade route through the desert has become too dangerous to traverse due to ankhrav attacks. The adventurers are hired to escort a caravan through the desert and protect it from the ankhrav menace.

The Hidden Oasis

A hidden oasis, vital to travelers in the desert, has been taken over by ankhravs. The adventurers must clear out the creatures and make the oasis safe once again.

The Farmer’s Plight

A group of farmers is facing ruin as their crops are being destroyed by acid rain caused by ankhravs. The adventurers are hired to put an end to the ankhrav menace and save the farmers’ livelihoods.

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