What is a Arbiter in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Arbiter in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Arbiter in Pathfinder 2e? These spherical inevitables are scouts and diplomats. Found throughout the multiverse, they have traditionally kept watch over on chaos and its agents. With the announcement of the Convergence, many arbiters now serve as go-betweens among the aeon alliance and its mortal associates.

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The Paradox Decree

The town of Parabola is thrown into confusion when the Arbiter issues two contradictory edicts simultaneously. One promotes absolute freedom, while the other enforces strict order. The players must navigate the ensuing chaos, discovering a temporal anomaly and meeting two versions of the Arbiter from different timelines.

The Forgotten Penance

In the secluded village of Memoria, a ritual allows citizens to transfer their guilt to a stone monolith, receiving the Arbiter’s forgiveness. When the monolith cracks, releasing all the stored guilt, specters of past sins haunt the village. The players must confront these manifestations, helping the villagers face their remorse and seek genuine atonement.

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The Echoing Verdict

In the cavern city of Resonance, the Arbiter’s judgments are announced as sonorous chants that echo for days. But a discordant note disrupts the harmony, leading to misinterpretations and disputes. The players must trace the source of this dissonance, discovering an underground faction aiming to rewrite the Arbiter’s laws through sonic manipulation.

The Labyrinth of Laws

An ancient maze emerges on the outskirts of Statutum, inscribed with the oldest laws of the Arbiter. Those who enter are bound by these laws, facing challenges that test their understanding of justice’s evolution. As the players navigate the labyrinth, they confront outdated and often barbaric trials, deciding which laws to uphold and which to challenge.

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Adventure Ideas

The Fractured Court

In the grand city of Judicar, a mirror in the Arbiter’s palace shatters, splitting the Arbiter’s essence into fragments. Each shard embodies a different aspect of justice, leading to conflicting rulings and chaos in the courts. The players must journey to various realms, from ethereal planes to the underworld, to retrieve and unify the fragments, confronting embodiments of mercy, vengeance, truth, and deceit.

The Unseen Witness

In the town of Evidentia, crimes are escalating, but every accused person has an unshakable alibi. Rumors speak of a ghostly figure, an unseen witness, manipulating events. The players are drawn into a web of deception and must discern truth from illusion, discovering a spirit wronged by a miscarriage of justice in the Arbiter’s name.

The Arbiter’s Adversary

In the city of Contraria, a charismatic figure rises, challenging the Arbiter’s rulings and gaining a massive following. This adversary claims to represent a forgotten aspect of justice. As the city teeters on the brink of civil war, the players must mediate between the Arbiter and the adversary, uncovering a shared history and a broken oath.

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