What is a Astral Deva in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Astral Deva in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Astral Deva in Pathfinder 2e? Astral devas are the elite messengers and emissaries of the celestial realms, serving deities and celestial armies by delivering messages, performing reconnaissance, and providing support for those in need of aid. They watch over planar travelers and take powerful mortals under their wings to mentor them. Astral devas carry scrolls containing important messages and other celestial secrets.

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Astral devas can form spontaneously from the souls of exceptional good-aligned mortals, but are also sometimes created from such souls intentionally by deities or demigods. In the later cases, astral devas often bear physical features that mark them as closely affiliated with that deity. An astral deva created by Sarenrae, for example, might have hair made of fire, while one created by Torag might look more dwarven, and one created by Desna could have butterfly wings instead of feathered wings. It’s not unusual for astral devas created by lawful good or chaotic good deities to share their creators’ alignment.

The Demonic Invasion

A portal to the Abyss has been opened, and a horde of demons is pouring into the material plane. An Astral Deva has been sent to aid the party in closing the portal and repelling the demonic invasion. Together, they must navigate the twisted landscape of the Abyss, confront the demon lord responsible for the invasion, and seal the portal before it’s too late.

The Sacred Relic

A powerful relic has been stolen from the celestial realms, and an Astral Deva has been sent to retrieve it. The party must assist the Deva in locating and recovering the relic, which is being guarded by a powerful fiend in the depths of the Abyss.

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The Fallen Angel

An Astral Deva has fallen from grace and turned to evil. The party must track down the fallen angel and either redeem it or put an end to its malevolent actions. The journey will take them through realms both celestial and infernal, and force them to confront their own beliefs about redemption and forgiveness.

The Deity’s Test

The party encounters an Astral Deva who has been sent by a deity to test their worthiness. The Deva challenges the party to a series of trials that will test their strength, wisdom, and moral character. Success will earn the party the favor of the deity, while failure may have dire consequences.

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Adventure Ideas

The Fallen Deva

An Astral Deva has fallen from grace and has been corrupted by dark forces. The party is enlisted by the celestial beings to confront the fallen Deva and either redeem or destroy them.

The Celestial Library

The Celestial Library, a repository of knowledge guarded by the Astral Deva, is under attack by a group of fiends who seek to steal its secrets. The party must defend the library and repel the attackers.

The Light in the Darkness

A region has been plunged into eternal darkness by a powerful curse. The Astral Deva, a being of light, enlists the party’s help to lift the curse and restore light to the region. However, creatures of darkness have taken advantage of the situation and have overrun the region.

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