What is a Axiomite in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Axiomite in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Axiomite in Pathfinder 2e? According to the axiomites, their kind rose from the raw mathematical underpinnings of the universe, manifesting as great builders who created the ancient, colossal cities of the Outer Planes and gave life to the mechanical inevitables. According to the aeons, axiomites are part of the Monad, having both risen from and rebelled against it long ago. Since the Convergence, most axiomites have recognized this as a fundamental truth, particularly after the aeons showed the axiomites how the Utopian language has formed as an amalgam of aeon envisioning and formulaic mathematical expression. Most axiomites live in the perfect city of Axis, which they continually act to improve, thus refining the concept of perfection itself.

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A particular axiomite may look like any humanoid creature, though the particular form it takes on does not affect its abilities. Beneath this assumed form, all axiomites are the same—clouds of glowing, crystalline dust that constantly swirls and congeals into complex tangles of symbols and equations, evincing their existence as literal creatures of pure mathematical law.

Axiomites arise from the souls of lawful neutral mortals, particularly those who were, in life, mathematicians, architects, crafters, or philosophers. While these souls do not retain any memories of their lives in the transition into axiomites, their life skills and experiences nevertheless serve a valuable metaphysical resource during formation.

The Fractured Formula

In the alchemical town of Alchemia, potions and experiments begin producing unpredictable results. An Axiomite, fascinated by alchemical formulas, is altering their properties. Alchemists and adventurers are sought to understand the Axiomite’s alterations, correct the disrupted formulas, and negotiate a truce with the being.

The Mechanist’s Maze

A legendary inventor, known for creating a maze of mechanical wonders, disappears. His last creation, a maze filled with intricate puzzles and traps, is believed to be guarded by an Axiomite. Adventurers must navigate the mechanist’s maze, solve its puzzles, and discover the connection between the inventor and the Axiomite.

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The Quantum Quandary

In the arcane university of Arcanex, a physics experiment goes awry, creating a quantum anomaly. The anomaly is linked to an Axiomite trying to understand mortal magic. Adventurers with a blend of magical and logical acumen are needed to interact with the Axiomite, solve quantum puzzles, and prevent the anomaly from destabilizing reality.

The Paradox of Perfection

The city of Perfectia, known for its orderly and harmonious lifestyle, faces a crisis as its perfection starts turning into a rigid, oppressive regime. An Axiomite, obsessed with the concept of perfect order, is manipulating the city’s laws and structures. Adventurers are called to infiltrate the city, understand the Axiomite’s vision of perfection, and restore freedom and balance to Perfectia.

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Adventure Ideas

The Cipher of Celestia

In the observatory of Starwatch Keep, astronomers report a strange alignment of stars forming a complex geometric pattern. They believe an Axiomite is trying to communicate a cosmic cipher. Adventurers are needed to decode this celestial message, navigate the astral pathways, and engage with the Axiomite to understand its cosmic intent.

The Order of Chaos

In the chaotic realm of Limbo, a region suddenly begins to exhibit strange order and symmetry. This anomaly is traced to an Axiomite attempting to impose order in chaos. Adventurers are called to traverse the unpredictable realm, confront the Axiomite, and negotiate a balance between order and chaos.

The Infinite Library

The Infinite Library, a repository of endless knowledge, begins reorganizing itself into a perplexing, logical structure. Scholars suspect an Axiomite is categorizing the library’s contents. Adventurers must explore the ever-shifting aisles, solve the Axiomite’s organizational puzzles, and ensure the library’s knowledge remains accessible.

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