What is a balor in pathfinder 2e?

What is a Balor in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Balor in Pathfinder 2e? When folk whisper frightened tales of the demonic, what most envision is the balor—a towering figure of fire and flesh, a horned nightmare armed with a flaming whip and a sword flying through the night in search of its latest victim.

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What is a balor in pathfinder 2e?

Demon Generals

On the Abyss, balors serve demon lords as generals or captains, and they typically command vast legions of demons. Standing at 14 feet in height, only the cruelest mortal souls—those who devoted entire lives to sins too numerous to couGnt—can fuel the formation of a balor. More often, a balor forms from a mass of dozens of mortal souls who shared debased ideologies in life.

Those rare few balors who form from single souls are the ones most likely to eventually transcend the notable power they already wield, becoming a nascent demon lord. These balor lords are each unique creatures of 21st to 25th level in power who rule their own realm in the Abyss. In time, a balor lord can further develop into a unique creature with wildly different powers, even ascending to the role of a true demon lord.

Captured Souls

Balor Azrathel has devised a plot to amass souls and accelerate his ascension to demon lord status. He has sent his minions to capture souls from a major city, causing a sudden surge of inexplicable deaths. The adventurers are hired by a desperate cleric of the city to investigate the situation and stop the Balor’s sinister plans.

Balor Ascendant

A powerful Balor, known as Vorath, has started to ascend to the status of a Demon Lord and has claimed a portion of the Abyss as its own realm. An ancient prophecy foretells that this Balor’s ascension could cause a cataclysm in the Material Plane. The adventurers are tasked by a celestial being to venture into the Abyss and halt Vorath’s rise to power.

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Abyssal Invasion

The border town of Westridge has been suffering from nightmarish attacks by hordes of demonic entities, all apparently led by a terrifying Balor. The local lord, Sir Alistair, seeks capable adventurers to push back the demonic forces and banish the Balor. But why has the Balor targeted this otherwise unremarkable town?

The Balor’s Bargain

In the city of Nighthold, a local sorcerer named Eldrin has been researching the Abyss and accidentally summoned a Balor. Eldrin managed to contain the creature, but not before it struck a deal: if Eldrin can deliver it a powerful artifact, the Skull of Ahriman, the Balor will return to the Abyss willingly. Eldrin hires the adventurers to retrieve the artifact from a hidden dungeon, but can they trust the Balor to keep its word?

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Adventure Ideas

Balance of Power

A power struggle is occurring within the Abyss between two Balors, Fraz-Urb’luu and Ya-naayeil.  Their war has spilled over into the Material Plane, causing rifts and summoning lesser demons.  The adventurers are hired by a celestial entity to sway the conflict and restore balance by finding and exploiting the weaknesses of the warring Balors.

Tainted Blood

A noble family has been tainted by demonic blood, a secret they’ve kept hidden for generations. But now, a Balor named Gorgos has discovered their secret and seeks to manipulate this family to increase its influence in the Material Plane. The adventurers are recruited by a family member who wants to end the Balor’s manipulation and rid their bloodline of its demonic curse.

The Demon’s Amulet

An amulet of immense power, capable of summoning and controlling a Balor, has been stolen from the royal treasury. The king fears that the thief will use the amulet to wreak havoc and plunge the kingdom into chaos. The adventurers are tasked with retrieving the amulet before the thief can summon the Balor and unleash destruction.

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