What is a Baomal in pathfinder 2e?

What is a Baomal in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Baomal in Pathfinder 2e? Few sea monsters are as dreaded and feared as the two-headed baomal. These massive predatory beasts typically dwell in the deepest waters and compete with krakens and other monsters for food. They feed on whales and other large sea creatures, sometimes following them to the water’s surface. Near the surface, baomals that encounter ships quickly learn that they contain a variety of tasty morsels. The creatures use their devastating spikes to rip open the ships’ hulls, then leisurely feed on the helpless sailors.

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What is a Baomal in pathfinder 2e?

The Whalers’ Plight

Whalers from the island village of Njord’s Rest are going missing, their ships found floating empty, or not at all. Whaling provides the village’s primary livelihood, and these disappearances threaten their survival. The village elder recruits the adventurers to investigate, leading them to a terrifying encounter with a Baomal. Can the party protect the village and secure its whaling routes?

The Sunken Treasure

Rumors circulate about a ship full of royal treasure sunk by a horrifying sea creature, a two-headed Baomal. The adventurers, lured by the promise of riches, are hired to retrieve the treasure. They will need to devise a way to reach the depths and deal with the lurking beast, or perhaps find a way to lure it away long enough to claim the sunken wealth.

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In the Belly of the Beast

The famous explorer, Captain Harlow, has disappeared at sea during his latest expedition. The last message in a bottle claimed they were being pursued by a monstrous two-headed creature. The adventurers are hired to locate the shipwreck and, if possible, rescue any survivors. They must prepare to face the terrible Baomal that likely claimed the ship and its crew.

The Kraken’s Bane

The kraken of the Twilight Trench has long terrorized the coastal city of Azurewave. Recently, however, the attacks have ceased, and the city is eerily calm. The city council recruits the adventurers to investigate the kraken’s lair, where they’ll discover that a new predator, a massive two-headed Baomal, has claimed the trench. Can the party deal with this new menace or will they find a way to use this territorial dispute to their advantage?

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Adventure Ideas

The Beast’s Bargain

A tribe of sea-dwelling merfolk has been forced into a terrible pact with a Baomal. In exchange for their safety, they must provide it with a constant supply of food. The adventurers stumble upon this arrangement and are asked by the desperate merfolk to free them from the beast’s grasp.

The Cursed Pearl

Legends tell of an enormous pearl of immeasurable value, the Eye of the Ocean. However, it’s said to be guarded by a fearsome two-headed monster deep within the ocean’s abyss. When the adventurers come into possession of a map leading to the pearl, they must decide whether the potential reward outweighs the risk of facing the legendary Baomal.

The Terror of Twin Heads

The coastal city of Stormwatch is in dire need. A two-headed Baomal has taken up residence in the waters nearby, sinking ships and disrupting trade. The city’s leaders offer a substantial bounty for the creature’s removal. However, killing the creature might not be the only solution, as the adventurers may discover the Baomal has a reason for its aggressive behavior.

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