What is a Barghest in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Barghest in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Barghest in Pathfinder 2e? Typical barghests are ravenous gluttons of life who feed and grow on the fat of mortals, their bodies changing in ways none can predict as they use the flesh and blood of their victims to achieve grisly transformations into greater barghests. Barghests often make use of their shapechanging abilities to rule tribes of goblinoids or to discreetly hunt in rural areas in the guise of unnaturally intelligent wolves. They do not work well together, as each barghest wants all the kills for itself; cannibalism is the typical result of too many barghests in one small area.

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The Forgotten Fortress

The ruins of Fort Nightshade, long abandoned, are now a hotspot for adventurers seeking treasures. However, recent expeditions report a Barghest guarding the fortress’s depths. Rumors suggest it’s protecting the Helm of Hades. Adventurers are hired by artifact collector, Lady Seraphine, to delve into the fortress, confront the Barghest, and secure the legendary helm.

The Shadowed Summit

Mount Dusktalon, known for its picturesque sunsets, now casts shadows even during the day. Climbers speak of a Barghest guarding a cave near the peak. Within this cave lies the rumored Shadowstone. Adventurers are sought by geologist Dr. Flint to ascend the mountain, retrieve the stone, and face the Barghest’s wrath.

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The Barghest’s Bride

In the village of Veilbrook, a wedding is interrupted by a Barghest claiming the bride, Lila, as its lost love from centuries ago. The creature vanishes with her into the mists. Adventurers are hired by the distraught groom, Finn, to traverse the ethereal fog, confront the Barghest, and rescue Lila from its grasp.

The Cursed Caravan

A merchant caravan traveling the Silkway Route reports being stalked by a Barghest at night. The creature seems particularly interested in a sealed chest they’re transporting. Caravan leader, Jareth, seeks adventurers to protect the convoy, uncover the contents of the mysterious chest, and confront the pursuing Barghest.

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Adventure Ideas

The Dreamer’s Dilemma

Residents of the tranquil town of Slumberhaven are plagued by nightmares of a Barghest chasing them. A dreamcatcher artifact, once protecting the town, has been tampered with. Adventurers are sought by the local healer, Selene, to enter the realm of dreams, confront the Barghest’s spectral form, and mend the dreamcatcher.

The Shadowed Festival

The annual Harvest Festival in Goldgrain is interrupted when a Barghest emerges, turning festivities into fear. Legend speaks of a betrayed Barghest seeking revenge every century. Adventurers must uncover the creature’s history, appease its restless spirit, and ensure the festival’s continuation.

The Barghest’s Bind

In the arcane city of Spellshade, a young mage accidentally binds a Barghest to his shadow, causing chaos with every spell he casts. The Archmage Lorian hires adventurers to track the unstable duo, delve into binding magics, and separate the mage from the Barghest.

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