What is a Black Pudding in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Black Pudding in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Black Pudding in Pathfinder 2e? Most often found below ground, these oozes scour caves for objects to dissolve with their corrosive secretions. This caustic acid is particularly dangerous to creatures that attack a pudding, as it can quickly damage and destroy gear. Many oozes have acidic attacks that can quickly degrade flesh, wood, and even stronger materials. Some believe that oozes are the result of alchemical or magical experimentation run amok, while others postulate that they simply emerged from the natural processes of evolution.

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Black Pudding YT

The Pudding Prison

Deep within the Ironclad Dungeons, prisoners speak in hushed tones about “The Black Cell” a chamber where unruly inmates are sent, never to return. The adventurers, investigating the disappearance of a noble’s son, discover that this cell contains a sentient Black Pudding, used by the warden to dispose of problems. They must navigate the prison’s dangers, confront the warden, and face the ooze to rescue the prisoners.

The Ooze Oracle

In the mystical forest of Silvanshade, a pool of Black Pudding is said to grant visions of the future to those who dare touch it. However, each vision comes at a cost. The adventurers, seeking answers, must decide if the knowledge is worth the risk. As they approach the pool, they encounter previous seekers, now transformed into ooze-like guardians, and must decide between combat, diplomacy, or taking the perilous plunge themselves.

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The Pudding’s Patron

The bustling market city of Tradewind has a new, popular merchant: Lady Elara, who sells a unique black gel dessert. However, those who consume it start behaving oddly, becoming obsessed with acquiring more. The adventurers, investigating the dessert’s origin, uncover that it’s made from a controlled Black Pudding. Lady Elara, a rogue alchemist, has plans to use her addicted clientele to further her ambitions, and the adventurers must stop her.

The Echoing Abyss

A chasm known as the Whispering Rift has begun to expand, swallowing parts of the nearby town of Edgehold. From its depths, Black Puddings emerge, echoing the screams of the abyss’s victims. The adventurers must descend into the rift, battling the oozes and the haunting echoes of the past. At the chasm’s heart, they discover a corrupted elemental crystal, feeding and multiplying the Black Puddings, and must devise a way to purify or destroy it.

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Adventure Ideas

The Black Lighthouse

Sailors speak of a cursed lighthouse on the Isle of Mire, its beacon replaced by a swirling Black Pudding. Ships drawn to its light are consumed, adding to the ooze’s mass. The adventurers, charting a careful course, must reach the isle, navigate the treacherous terrain, and ascend the lighthouse. At the top, they confront a lighthouse keeper turned mad, who believes the pudding is a sign from the deep, and must decide his fate and that of the ominous beacon.

The Pudding Puppeteer

In the town of Marion, people have been going missing, only to return as emotionless, ooze covered puppets. These “pudding puppets” serve a mysterious master. The adventurers are tasked with uncovering the puppeteer’s identity. Their journey leads them to an underground theater where a twisted bard uses Black Pudding to control his living marionettes. The players must break his control and put an end to the macabre performances.

The Ooze Oasis

In the arid desert of Sunscar, an oasis known for its healing waters has turned into a pool of Black Pudding. Nomads and caravans rely on this oasis for survival. The adventurers, hired to cleanse the oasis, discover remnants of a ruined temple submerged beneath the pudding. They must delve into the submerged ruins, confront ancient guardians, and cleanse the corrupted heart of the oasis.

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