What is an Bloodseeker Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Bloodseeker in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Bloodseeker in Pathfinder 2e? Scourges of swamps and damp, abandoned places, bloodseekers are ravenous blood drinkers. Farmers curse the creatures for sucking their livestock dry. It is from such beleaguered people that the bloodseeker’s regional name “stirge,” possibly a corruption of the word “scourge,” comes. Folk wisdom holds that the appearance of bloodseekers in a region signals a healthy herd of livestock, but more often it means bogs or old buildings that haven’t been properly tended to. Certainly, no amount of folksy parable can assuage a farmer driven to destitution by a bloodseeker infestation. But despite their role as parasites, bloodseekers aren’t hated by all villages.

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What is an Bloodseeker Pathfinder 2e?

Pets or Medicinal Tools

In some cases, the inhabitants of remote backwoods thorps even keep the things as pets or use them as doubtful medicinal “tools” to drain away unwanted humors or test for evil spirits possessing the blood. Worshippers of gods of pestilence and parasites often view bloodseekers as sacred to their faith and allow the creatures to feed freely from their bodies. In such societies, those who accidentally give too much are considered to have been “blessed” by the village’s hungry god.

Dangerous Swarms

Bloodseekers seem to be constantly hungry, but they are not inherently malevolent. They can be scared away fairly easily and prefer to swiftly retreat rather than risk death. Some adventurers report that these creatures can be scared away by waving torches at the flying pests. However, bloodseekers are much bolder when encountered in larger numbers, as bringing down one victim lets an entire colony feed. Bloodseeker colonies are called clots, for obvious and disgusting reasons. If a lone bloodseeker finds a likely victim while its clot is nearby, it emits a high-pitched, keening noise to summon reinforcements.

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Boggard Relationships

Most humanoids avoid bloodseekers, but boggards sometimes cultivate bloodseeker nests around the perimeter of their territory. These colonies serve as a deterrent to intruders, and the boggards sometimes check for bloodseeker prey, collecting the hides or bodies of animals killed by the pests. Meals prepared from slain bloodseekers that have gorged on the blood of specific creatures are a staple among certain boggard communities. The boggards not only eat the actual bloodseekers, but they also make a gelled slurry from the drained blood.

Bloodseeker Facts

A typical bloodseeker is about a foot long, with mottled, reddish-brown skin and a yellow underbelly. Its four wings resemble bat wings. When gorged with blood, the creature becomes bloated and pink, and it tends to wobble unsteadily in the air as it flies off to digest its meal.

The Bloodseeker’s Egg

A wealthy nobleman has come into possession of a Bloodseeker’s egg and plans to hatch it as a novelty. However, a local druid named Willow has warned that a Bloodseeker cannot be tamed and will bring disaster upon the town. The nobleman has ignored her warnings, prompting Willow to seek the help of adventurers to steal the egg and return it to the wild before it hatches. The adventurers will need to infiltrate the nobleman’s mansion, secure the egg, and find a safe place for it in the wild, all while avoiding the nobleman’s guards.

The Bloodseeker’s Prey

The city of Ironkeep is known for its bustling market, where merchants from all over come to sell their wares. However, this year’s market has been interrupted by a Bloodseeker, which has been draining the blood of the city’s merchants and leaving them weak and vulnerable. The city’s guards are ill-equipped to deal with the creature, and the city’s mayor is seeking the help of adventurers to hunt down the Bloodseeker. The adventurers will need to protect the city’s merchants, track down the Bloodseeker, and put an end to its predation.

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Adventure Ideas

The Bloodseeker’s Scourge

In the small farming village of Oakshade, a creature known as a Bloodseeker has been draining the blood of their livestock. The village elder, a wise woman named Maelis, has sent out a call for brave adventurers to deal with the menace. The Bloodseeker, known to the villagers as the “Scourge”, was once confined to the nearby swamps.

However, recent deforestation has driven it towards the village. The adventurers will need to investigate the Bloodseeker’s original habitat in the swamps to learn more about the creature. They will encounter various dangers in the swamp and will also discover that the deforestation was due to a greedy lumber company. They will also learn that the Bloodseeker is not inherently malevolent, it is simply trying to survive.

The Bloodseeker’s Nest

In the dense forest of Everwood, a group of loggers have stumbled upon a Bloodseeker’s nest. The Bloodseeker has been fiercely defending its nest, draining the blood of the loggers and leaving them weak and helpless. The logging company’s owner, a dwarf named Gruff, is offering a hefty reward to anyone who can deal with the Bloodseeker. The adventurers will need to navigate the treacherous Everwood, confront the Bloodseeker, and find a way to relocate the creature without causing further harm.

The Bloodseeker’s Feast

The city of Silverport is known for its annual festival, where a grand feast is held for all to enjoy. However, this year’s feast has been interrupted by a Bloodseeker, which has been draining the blood of the city’s citizens and leaving them weak and vulnerable. The city’s guards are ill-equipped to deal with the creature, and the city’s mayor is seeking the help of adventurers to hunt down the Bloodseeker. The adventurers will need to protect the city’s citizens, track down the Bloodseeker, and put an end to its feasting.

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