What is a blue dragon in pathfinder 2e? text with a picture of a blue dragon

What is a Blue Dragon in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Blue Dragon in Pathfinder 2e? Blue dragons are the sleek and poised cosmopolitans of the chromatic dragons. Their brand of evil is organized, manipulative, and regal. Blue dragons often lair near or within cities and set out to bend the population to their will and gather hordes of servants. These dragons love spinning webs of conspiracy. A blue dragon’s lackeys typically don’t even realize that they serve a dragon, but instead think the protection money, tariffs, or taxes they are amassing is a treasure for a cruel but legitimate master. In some ways, blue dragons even see their servants as living hoards and value them like treasure. These dragons have been known to use these tactics even with their own chromatic cousins.

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What is a blue dragon in pathfinder 2e? text with a picture of a blue dragon

Blue Dragons in the World

Not all blue dragons work clandestinely. Some lord over desert tribes and hill people like vengeful gods, demanding both tribute and worship. No matter how blue dragons manage their underlings, their bearing is regal and their lairs palatial; they’re universally intolerant of insubordination, incompetence, and embezzlement, and punish perpetrators with murderous efficiency.

Blue dragons are also known for their use and mastery of illusion magic. They make use of illusions to augment their manipulations and bewilder their foes in battle. Blue dragons also have some control over water, but use this ability to destroy water, something quite dangerous for those who encounter them in their desert lairs.

The ideal lair for a blue dragon contains multiple passages, rooms, and secret chambers. As social creatures, blue dragons prefer to host guests in comfort—but their dwellings should not be so public that just anyone can come calling. A force of guards keeps out intruders, and clever illusions conceal the edifice from prying eyes. Rather than a pile of coins or gems, a blue dragon’s true hoard is the rich furnishings in its citadel— expensive art, ornate furniture, and architectural marvels.

The Dragon’s Gambit

The players are hired by a mysterious patron to infiltrate a wealthy merchant’s mansion and steal a set of valuable documents. As they delve deeper into the conspiracy, they discover that their true employer is a cunning blue dragon manipulating the city’s politics from the shadows. The players must decide whether to continue serving the dragon for personal gain or risk its wrath to expose its schemes.

Shifting Sands

A desert kingdom is on the brink of collapse due to a sudden drought, and the players are tasked with finding the cause. They discover that a powerful blue dragon has been using its control over water to drain the region’s oases and blackmail the kingdom into submission. The players must confront the dragon and find a way to restore the kingdom’s water supply before it’s too late.

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The Illusionist’s Heist

The players are invited to attend a grand gala hosted by a renowned illusionist. However, during the event, a priceless artifact is stolen, and the players become the prime suspects. To clear their names, they must track down the real thief, only to uncover a blue dragon who has been using its mastery of illusion magic to orchestrate a series of high-profile heists.

Blue Dragon’s Domain

A series of unexplained disappearances plagues a remote desert village, with the only clue being a massive storm cloud that always hovers above the settlement. The players must investigate the phenomenon and discover the lair of a blue dragon who has been abducting villagers to serve in its growing army of loyal minions. They must find a way to defeat the dragon and free the captives before it’s too late.

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Adventure Ideas

The Oasis Mirage

Traveling through a harsh desert, the players come across a lush oasis that seems too good to be true. They soon discover that it is a carefully crafted illusion created by a blue dragon who lures unsuspecting travelers into its trap. To escape the dragon’s clutches, the players must navigate the treacherous desert landscape and unravel the dragon’s enchantments before they become its next victims.

Dragon’s Riddle

A series of mysterious riddles have been appearing throughout the city, leading the players on a treasure hunt. As they solve each riddle, they uncover a hidden conspiracy involving a powerful blue dragon that seeks to control the city from the shadows. The players must follow the clues and outwit the dragon to uncover its true intentions and prevent it from achieving its sinister goals.

The Blue Menace

A once-thriving coastal town has been reduced to ruins, its residents driven away by a relentless blue dragon that has claimed the area as its territory. The players are enlisted to drive the dragon away and restore the town to its former glory. They must navigate treacherous terrain, face the dragon’s deadly minions, and confront the formidable beast in a climactic battle for the future of the town.

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