What is a Cacodaemon in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Cacodaemon in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Cacodaemon in Pathfinder 2e? These embodiments of demented violence and spite are spawned from eddies of angry and warped souls amid Abaddon’s mists. Cacodaemons constantly hunger for mortal souls and yearn to create suffering. As gnashing spheres of teeth, fins, and spines, they are the weakest of daemonkind, an amalgam of various petty forms of death without the strength that comes from focusing on a single cause of demise. Denizens of the bleak and terrible plane of Abaddon, daemons are shaped by and devoted to the destruction of life in all its forms. They seek the death of every mortal being by the most painful and horrible means possible, all in service to the apocalyptic entities known as the Four Horsemen. Each kind of daemon represents a different way to die, and their powers are nearly always aimed at spreading that particular form of death. Through the use of these powers, they seek to drag all existence down into a pit of hopelessness and despair, and to commit all souls to oblivion.

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While those who summon daemons to the Material Plane usually seek to use the creatures’ destructive and corrupting powers for their own ends, daemons always look for ways to spread fear, doubt, and despair wherever they go. Often, daemons disguise their plots as the workings of other fiends, knowing that such confusion compounds mortals’ fear.

While all fiends seek to tempt mortals into lives of evil to increase their own numbers and power on their native planes, daemons are further driven by a supernatural hunger for mortal souls and use a variety of methods—not least of which is the cacodaemons’ soul gems—to entrap them. On Abaddon and in other forbidding places across the multiverse, souls are simultaneously a delicacy, a trade good, and a source of magical power, and the daemons are among the greatest gluttons, merchants, and abusers of this spiritual “resource.”

The Tower of Desolation

A once-prominent mage’s tower, now in ruins, is said to be haunted. Adventurers who seek its lost knowledge are driven mad by visions and voices. The party learns that a Cacodaemon has taken residence in the tower’s depths, using its arcane energies to amplify its soul-harvesting capabilities. They must navigate the tower’s twisted magics, confront the daemon, and reclaim the arcane secrets within.

The Ship of Shadows

A ghostly ship has been spotted off the coast, always at dusk, never docking. Fishermen who approach the ship are never seen again. The party’s investigation reveals that the ship is helmed by a Cacodaemon, who lures souls with promises of treasures from distant lands. The adventurers must board the ship, confront its undead crew and the daemon captain, and free the trapped souls.

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The Lost Pilgrimage

A sacred shrine, once a destination for pilgrims seeking blessings, has become a place of dread. Pilgrims who venture there are found wandering aimlessly days later, their spirits broken. The party learns that a Cacodaemon has desecrated the shrine, turning it into a trap to harvest souls. They must cleanse the shrine, confront the daemon, and restore its sanctity.

The Gilded Prison

A wealthy noble has recently constructed a lavish mansion on the outskirts of town. However, servants and guests who enter are seldom seen again. Whispers suggest that the mansion’s opulent halls are a façade for a sinister ritual. The party’s investigation reveals that the noble has allied with a Cacodaemon, offering souls in exchange for power and longevity. The adventurers must navigate the mansion’s deceptive beauty, confront the corrupted noble, and banish the lurking daemon.

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Adventure Ideas

The Artist’s Descent

A once-beloved artist in the city has recently taken a dark turn in his work, painting hauntingly lifelike portraits of despair and sorrow. Those who purchase his paintings report nightmares and a feeling of being watched. The party’s investigation reveals that the artist has been in contact with a Cacodaemon, which has been infusing each painting with a fragment of a captured soul. The adventurers must confront the artist, free the trapped souls, and put an end to the daemon’s influence.


The Artist’s Descent

The Eclipsed Sun Festival

During a rare solar eclipse, a town holds a festival to celebrate. However, as the eclipse reaches its zenith, the townsfolk fall into a trance, their souls being siphoned off by a lurking Cacodaemon. The party must navigate the eerily silent town, locate the daemon’s lair, and disrupt its ritual before the eclipse ends and the souls are lost forever.

The Haunting Melody

A traveling bard arrives in town, captivating audiences with a melancholic tune. However, those who listen too closely to the melody find themselves entranced, their souls slowly being drained. The party discovers that the bard has struck a deal with a Cacodaemon, offering souls in exchange for unparalleled musical talent. They must confront the bard, break the enchantment of the melody, and banish the daemon

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