What is a Cassisian Angel in Pathfinder 2e text on a dark blue background with a picture of a flying golden medieval helmet with angel wings

What is a Cassisian Angel in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Cassisian Angel in Pathfinder 2e? Cassisian Angel is the weakest of angels, cassisians usually serve as lackey messengers for more powerful angels or as spiritual guides for mortals. Despite their limited intellect, cassisians have a knack for precise recollection, particularly with scripture. Most cassisians are formed from the souls of trustworthy mortals, but some arise from fragments of greater angels destroyed in service to the celestial realms.

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What is a Cassisian Angel in Pathfinder 2e text on a dark blue background with a picture of a flying golden spartan helmet with angel wings

Where are Angels Located in Pathfinder?

Angels normally live in Nirvana or other celestial planes, but their missions can bring them to the Material Plane. Spellcasters can conjure them for aid or advice in times of need, and they can even be found, if rarely, crusading against fiends in Hell, the Abyss, or anywhere in between.            

Cassisian Angels have eyebeams

The cassisian releases beams of heat or cold from its eyes, dealing 2d6 cold or fire damage, DC 17 basic Reflex save, to all creatures in a 15-foot line. It can’t use Eye Beams again for 1d4 rounds.

A picture of a flying golden medieval helmet with angel wings - this is what a Cassisian Angel looks like

Repository of Lore

While the cassisian angel isn’t particularly intelligent, it has a perfect memory and can remember everything it sees or hears. This allows it to attempt Lore checks on any topic, provided, at the GM’s discretion, it has encountered the topic in question before. The cassisian’s limited intellect often prevents it from acting upon its knowledge, making it a better resource in matters of information use.

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Cassisian Angels can change shape. 

A cassisian can take the appearance of a dove, a winged humanoid, a dog, or a fish. Normally, this doesn’t change its Speed or the attack and damage bonuses for its Strikes, but it might change the damage type Strikes deal typically to bludgeoning.

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Adventure ideas for the cassisian angel

Celestial Infiltration

The players are hired by a group of Cassisian angels to help infiltrate a cult of demon worshippers who have stolen a powerful relic of Sarenrae. The players must pose as cult members and gather information about the cult’s plans while avoiding suspicion. With the help of the Cassisian angels, the players must retrieve the relic and defeat the cult’s leaders.

Fallen Angel

The players encounter a Cassisian angel who has fallen from grace and is being hunted by other celestial beings. The Cassisian angel has been cursed and needs the players’ help to remove the curse and restore its grace. The players must navigate the dangerous terrain and fight off powerful enemies while attempting to help the Cassisian angel break the curse.

Sacred Ground

The players are hired to defend a holy temple of Sarenrae from a powerful demon that has been summoned by a group of evil wizards. The cassisian angel acts as a guide and an ally to the players, helping them navigate the temple and providing support in battles against the demon and its minions. The demon and evil wizards are seeking a holy relic of Sarenrae to corrupt it for their own purposes. This relic can be moved as it is rumored to be a piece of the scimitar that killed Gormuz.

I would put the main entrance to this map at the bottom of the map in room 20. The players can figure out where they want to make their stand. They are told by the cassisian angel that help is on its way with a small army of Knights of Sarenrae. They just need to hold out until they arrive.

It is up to you the game master how long that will take. I suggest you have waves of enemies come at the players. You can have numerous healing clerics and other NPCs to help the players survive the onslaught.

Sacred Ground map for Cassisian Angel adventure encounter using donjon.bin.sh map creator

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