What is a Changeling Exile in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Changeling Exile in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Changeling Exile in Pathfinder 2e? Children of hags, destined to become hags themselves, changelings face a life of conflict. Born of supernatural creatures who kill and consume the child’s father, changelings are deposited into their father’s society to be raised. These offspring appear to be members of their paternal ancestry, and changelings have been found among dwarves, gnomes, orcs, goblins, and numerous others, but human-ancestry changelings are by far the most common. Within the normal range for their ancestry, changelings tend toward slighter builds, darker hair, and pale complexions, though their most common feature is a nearly universal heterochromia, leading to widespread superstition about individuals with differently colored eyes.

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As changelings come of age, they sometimes manifest abilities granted by their hag heritage. Some gain the ability to see in the dark, some grow fingernails long and hard enough to serve as claws, and others gain even stranger abilities specific to their hag mother. For instance, dream mays, the children of night hags or their cousins the dreamthief hags, can gain an enhanced ability to resist the magic of dreams and sleep.

Other types of changelings include slag mays, the children of annis hags; callow mays, the children of green hags; brine mays, the children of sea hags; and others for each type of hag. As beings infused with supernatural power, changelings find themselves able to command various traditions of magic, with many drawn to either the occult magic common among hags or primal magic.

At roughly the same time in their lives, many changelings— women in particular—begin to hear the Call, a psychic urging from their hag mother luring them away from the communities that raised them. If followed, the Call eventually leads the changeling to the hag’s coven, where they are subjected to terrible rituals that twist them into hags themselves. Some changelings, especially those who have strong social bonds or embrace druidic traditions, are able to resist this Call and continue on with their mortal lives. The fact that the Call disproportionately targets female changelings has led to a widespread misunderstanding that all changelings are female, while in fact male changelings are simply assumed to be members of their paternal ancestry.

The Twinblade Tournament

The annual dueling tournament in Steelpeak has an undefeated champion who seems to know every opponent’s move. Rumors suggest the champion is Vale, a Changeling Exile, who assumes the identity of his opponents before the duel to learn their strategies. The adventurers, participating in the tournament, must outwit this shapeshifting duelist and claim victory.

The Shapeshifter’s Sanctuary

Travelers speak of a remote haven where one can become anyone or anything, even if just for a day. This sanctuary is managed by a Changeling Exile named Nym, offering refuge to those seeking to escape their lives temporarily. The adventurers, seeking this sanctuary for their reasons, find themselves confronting questions of identity, truth, and the price of transformation.

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The Duplicated Duchess

In the royal courts of Regalia, the beloved Duchess Elara has been making contradictory decrees. Courtiers suspect a Changeling Exile named Syl, known for her political manipulations, has assumed the Duchess’s identity. The adventurers are tasked with discreetly investigating the royal family, determining the real Duchess, and exposing Syl’s machinations.

The Mimicked Maestro

The city of Crescendia is abuzz with excitement for the upcoming performance by the legendary bard, Faelan. However, insiders whisper that Faelan hasn’t been himself lately. Some believe he’s actually Lyric, a Changeling Exile, using the stage to broadcast a hidden message. The adventurers must attend the performance, decipher the underlying message, and unveil the true identity of the maestro.

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Adventure Ideas

The Lost Explorer’s Return

Renowned explorer, Aric Windrider, presumed dead after a perilous expedition, suddenly returns to the city of Port Gale. However, his behavior is odd, and some believe he’s actually Calyx, a Changeling Exile, seeking a hidden treasure Aric once found. The adventurers must determine the truth behind Aric’s return and the location of the coveted treasure.

The Silent Playhouse

In the theatrical city of Dramatis, actors in the grand playhouse are losing their voices. A Changeling Exile named Lior, once a star actress wrongfully banished, is believed to be stealing their voices for a final, silent performance. The adventurers must attend this eerie play, confront Lior, and restore the stolen voices.

The Chameleon’s Curse

The jungle village of Verdant Veil is under a strange curse; its inhabitants are slowly turning into animals. Behind this transformation is a Changeling Exile named Tala, who’s blending her shape-shifting abilities with ancient jungle magic. The adventurers must navigate the wilds, reverse the curse, and confront Tala’s tormented past.

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