What is a Chimera in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Chimera in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Chimera in Pathfinder 2e? The chimera is the archetypal example of an unnatural monster made up of a monstrous mix of wildly different component creatures: in this case, a lion, a dragon, and a goat. Wild, hateful, and hungry, it tries to eat any creature it sees, but sometimes a strong-willed master is able to compel a chimera to serve as a guardian or even a mount.

Some kobold groups are fond of chimera guardians or pets, but few kobolds have the bravery or resources to keep a chimera happy for long. While chimeras are often pressed into service by more intelligent creatures, it’s also not unheard of for a chimera to keep a herd of unintelligent animals—lions, goats, or even serpents—as both companions and food supply.

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Chimera YT

The Chimera’s Champion

The arena of Valorhold announces a challenge like no other: tame the wild Chimera. Warriors from afar attempt and fail. The adventurers, intrigued, enter the arena. They soon realize the challenge is not just physical but mental, as the Chimera’s multiple heads represent different aspects of its psyche.

The Whispering Wasteland

The vast Barren Wastes are known for their silence. Recently, explorers report hearing a cacophony of animal sounds, leading them in circles. Legends speak of a Chimera, its voices echoing the loneliness of the desert. The adventurers must traverse the wasteland, decipher the Chimera’s calls, and uncover hidden oases.

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The Garden of Grotesques

The botanical gardens of Floralis are renowned for their beauty. However, plants have started morphing into Chimera-like hybrids, blending flora and fauna. The adventurers must navigate this transformed garden, deciphering the cause of these mutations and confronting a Chimera that’s more than meets the eye.

The Chimera’s Citadel

High atop the craggy peaks of the Skyreach Mountains lies an abandoned citadel. Recently, winged shadows and roaring echoes suggest a Chimera has claimed it as its lair. The adventurers are hired to scale the treacherous heights, explore the citadel, and confront the Chimera, discovering ancient relics along the way.

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Adventure Ideas

The Chimera’s Curse

In the coastal town of Tide’s End, fishermen pull up nets filled with strange hybrid creatures, reminiscent of a Chimera’s varied forms. An old legend speaks of a Chimera’s curse upon the waters. The adventurers are hired to dive into the ocean’s depths, confront the Chimera’s spirit, and lift the curse.

The Library of Living Tales

The grand library is alive with animated tales. However, a story of a Chimera has leapt from its pages, causing other tales to intertwine and distort. The adventurers must navigate this narrative chaos, guide the Chimera back to its story, and restore order to the library.

The Chimera’s Clockwork

In the steampunk city of Gearford, a mechanical Chimera goes rogue during its unveiling at a grand expo. This clockwork beast hides a real Chimera’s essence, trapped by an ambitious inventor. The adventurers must track down the malfunctioning machine, free the Chimera’s spirit, and confront the inventor’s unethical experiments.

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