What is a choker in pathfinder 2e?

What is a Choker in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Choker in Pathfinder 2e? With long, cartilaginous limbs and gray skin, chokers easily hide in stony alcoves, rocky fissures, and darkened staircases to ambush their prey. The strange little aberrations prefer to pick off weak and solitary creatures, especially those that wander off from their packs or communities.

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What is a choker in pathfinder 2e?

Choker Attacks

A choker’s long, spongy arms are flexible but deceptively strong. The fingers can tighten rapidly and are ridged with spiky, tooth-like structures that provide an incredible grip. A choker typically strangles its prey to death, then drags the body off or dismembers it using crude tools if the body is too big to carry. If confronted or outnumbered, a choker tries to escape, often compressing into a tight passage to get away. Chokers that encounter humanoids exhibit intense curiosity about their culture, society, and the products of art and industry. This interest isn’t very deep—it just results in chokers that like killing people and collecting any of their items that seem sophisticated, such as jewelry, nice clothing, or written texts.

Choker Society

Chokers sometimes gather in settlements, usually sticking to slums or abandoned structures. These chokers stalk at night, flopping across rooftops, tapping at windows, and scuttling through sewers, gutters, and chimneys to get at prey. An urban choker that finds prey early on its hunt—a wandering pet, a person who is out alone—might spend the rest of the night indulging its curiosity about the products of society. A curious choker might abscond with all sorts of odd items, from tavern signs to library books to roof tiles. A choker usually pilfers only one item at a time, but as its collection grows, it might need to find a larger nest to accommodate its collection, then move its pieces one by one to the new home.

The Silent Strangler

The city’s watch is on high alert after several guardsmen were strangled during their night shifts. Their personal items were found missing, and replaced with odd trinkets. The city’s captain, Roderick, requests the party’s help in investigating these bizarre occurrences, suspecting a choker might be involved.

Underground Menace

The city’s sewer system is becoming increasingly dangerous as maintenance workers go missing, only their tools and personal effects remain. The city council believes a choker has taken up residence down there, but they need proof. They hire the adventurers to brave the sewers, confirm their suspicions, and if possible, eliminate the threat.

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The Squeeze

In the mining town of Ironhold, miners are going missing in the tunnels, leaving behind only their tools and jewelry. The town’s leader, Thora, believes a choker is to blame and hires the adventurers to track down the creature and put an end to its reign of terror.

Echoes in the Alley

Residents of a city slum are living in fear as their neighbors disappear one by one. They speak of eerie tapping sounds and fleeting shadows, and the city guard has been unable to find any leads. The adventurers are asked to investigate. They discover a choker nesting in the abandoned structure, collecting stolen items from its victims.

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Adventure Ideas

The Chimney Creeper

Unsettling reports of eerie noises and shadows in homes have caused panic in a quiet village. Some villagers have gone missing, with their personal belongings replaced by unrelated items. The village elder, Eamon, enlists the adventurers to discover the cause, leading them on a chilling hunt for a choker that’s been using chimneys as its entry point.

Hidden in the Crevices

A cave system popular with explorers has recently become a death trap, with numerous adventurers found strangled and their equipment missing. A seasoned spelunker, Alden, believes a choker is to blame. He hires the party to delve into the cave system, find the creature, and stop it from claiming more lives.

The Gutter Ghoul

A series of strangulations has struck the city’s homeless population. The local city guard are too busy dealing with other threats and dismiss these deaths as insignificant. A priest of a local temple, Father Odon, hires the party to bring justice to the victims. Their investigations uncover a choker stalking the city’s gutters and alleyways.

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