What is a Choral in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Choral in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Choral in Pathfinder 2e? Choral angels are incredible singers who fill the halls of Nirvana with pious chants and sacred hymns. They form from the souls of talented bards and other performers. While they shy away from conflict, they occasionally brave the mortal realm to deliver good omens and auspicious messages.

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Choral angels often serve the goddess Shelyn, but they can also serve other good deities and empyreal lords. The celestial hosts of angels are messengers and warriors, divided into choirs based on their abilities and purviews. The majority of angels are neutral good and live in Nirvana, the plane of virtue and enlightenment. However, some angels, including several angelic deities, have different alignments, and some even dwell on other planes. Regardless of alignment, angels remain benevolent messengers possessed with magical auras to aid their allies.

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Adventure Ideas

The Song of the Stars

A comet is passing close to the world, and with it comes a wave of aberrations and otherworldly creatures. A group of Chorals is needed to perform a song that will repel the creatures and protect the world. The party must escort the Chorals to a specific location and protect them while they perform the song.

The Melody of Creation

An ancient melody, said to have the power to create life, has been discovered. However, only a Choral can perform it correctly. The party is hired to escort a Choral to a sacred site where it can perform the melody and bring life back to a barren land.

The Celestial Choir

A celestial choir, composed of Chorals and other celestial beings, performs a concert once every century that brings blessings to the world. However, this year, a group of fiends plans to disrupt the concert and bring curses instead. The party must protect the choir and ensure the concert goes as planned.

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