What is a Chuul in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Chuul in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Chuul in Pathfinder 2e? Also known as chu’ulothis, these large, armor-plated, crustacean predators lurk beneath the surface of pools, mires, and ponds, waiting to snatch up prey with their massive claws before paralyzing them with their tentacles. At that point, they begin to feed, eating their quarry alive.

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What is a Chuul in Pathfinder 2e?

Chuul Locations

Chuuls can live in fresh or saltwater, and indeed are found in aquatic environs the world over—even in the subterranean oceans and lakes of the Darklands. While chuuls are good swimmers, they prefer terrestrial prey. Their preferred method of hunting is by lunging out of the water, paralyzing their victims with their poison-coated tentacles, then gleefully dragging their twitching food into the water to drown if they cannot simply eat such morsels alive. Chuuls that dwell aboveground prefer to dine on lizardfolk, while those swimming the subterranean lakes of the Darklands readily eat anything but xulgaths, whose flavor and stink they find off-putting.

Speech and Society

Chuuls are capable of speech and reason, but these creatures rarely speak with those outside their species except to taunt their food. Before it begins consuming its prey, a chuul often speaks in a gurgling, nearly incomprehensible dialect about how it will enjoy feasting on the creature’s flesh. Perhaps chuuls believe that insults and degradation lead to more tender and tastier food, but the truth will likely never be known; almost all chuuls stubbornly refuse any meaningful conversation, even when imprisoned and compelled by treats or pain.

It is unknown if a chuul society exists beyond their frenzied mating season. Chuuls’ intellects seem devoted only toward eating, causing psychological pain to sentient creatures, decorating their lairs with mementos of their favorite meals and victories, and breeding.

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Underwater Doom

A mysterious creature, as described by terrified witnesses, is terrorizing the seaside village of Harborton. Its most recent victim was a fisherman who barely escaped with his life, giving a chilling description of a large crustacean-like creature. The village council has offered a generous bounty to anyone who can slay this monster.

The Lost Lizardfolk

A tribe of Lizardfolk has mysteriously disappeared from their swampy homeland. Their last known location was near a pool known for its deep, dark waters. The leader of a neighboring tribe beseeches the adventurers to find the missing tribe members. The only clue is a cryptic warning: beware the clawed terror beneath the murky waters.

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Shimmering Pearls of the Lake

A beautiful, priceless pearl necklace, once owned by a noblewoman, disappeared when her boat capsized on a tranquil lake. Divers sent to retrieve the jewelry have not returned. The noblewoman suspects a chuul is involved and requests adventurers to retrieve her precious pearls.

The Sunken Ship Mystery

Several ships carrying valuable cargo have mysteriously sunk in the Harrow Strait. Survivors speak of terrifying, paralyzing tentacles that dragged them under. The merchant’s guild, losing significant resources, hires the adventurers to put an end to these monstrous attacks.

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Adventure Ideas

Terror of the Flooded Mines

After a major storm, the local silver mines got flooded and had to be abandoned. When the water level finally receded, miners returned only to be attacked by a monstrous, crustacean-like creature. The mine owner hires the adventurers to eliminate the creature and make the mines safe for his workers again.

The Pool of Forgotten Memories

In the heart of a forgotten forest lies a mystical pool, once used by an ancient tribe for sacred rituals. Now, a malicious entity lurks in its depths, disturbing the spiritual tranquility of the place. A spiritual guardian seeks adventurers to banish the creature and restore the pool’s sanctity.

The Marsh Maiden’s Lament

A banshee haunting the Dire Marsh has a peculiar request for adventurers passing through her territory. Her precious locket, lost in the marsh centuries ago, has been claimed by a monstrous crustacean that she dreads. She promises to grant a valuable piece of information in exchange for its retrieval.

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