What is a Cloaker in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Cloaker in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Cloaker in Pathfinder 2e? Weird and paranoid creatures that dwell in the Darklands, cloakers resemble hideous, flying manta rays. Crafty and careful hunters, their motivations, their patterns of attack, and even their societies and history are often an inscrutable jumble of contradicting reports, confused rumors, and terrifying accounts.

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What is a Cloaker in Pathfinder 2e?

Like many of the stranger creatures of Golarion, cloakers were originally created by the alghollthus, who bred them to spy on their Azlanti thralls. Upon the fall of the Azlanti empire, the alghollthus cast out their cloaker creations, who, in turn, fled to the lower reaches of the Darklands. Amid the vaults and twisted corridors of their new home, their attitudes particularly regarding their apprehension toward their former masters changed dramatically.

Suspicion became paranoia, egotism, sadism, and much worse. Now, most cloakers lead solitary lives, stalking the Darklands for easy prey and delving deeper into internal horrors. Their paranoia is so great that they interact only rarely even with their own kind, encountering another cloaker only briefly to mate before flitting back to isolation.

But there are exceptions. Every so often, a charismatic cloaker priest can call together a dark cabal of these creatures and other Darklands denizens to worship unspeakable ancient gods. These rare cloakers whip their acolytes and followers into a frenzy of dark rituals and heinous acts. While these cults are depraved and destructive, they rarely survive longer than their founder.

The Cloaker’s Cavern

Miners in the Glimmerstone Mines stumble upon a vast cavern filled with shimmering crystals and cloaked silhouettes. These Cloakers, protective of the cavern’s treasures, cast illusions to deter intruders. Foreman Gruff hires adventurers to navigate the Cloaker’s illusions, broker peace, and secure mining rights to the cavern’s riches.

The Echoing Estate

The grand manor of House Nightshade is renowned for its opulent masquerade balls. However, the latest event was interrupted by cloaked apparitions that mimicked guests and sowed discord. Lord Nightshade believes a disgruntled Cloaker, disturbed by the revelry, is behind the chaos. Adventurers are invited to the estate to mediate between the Cloaker and the noble house.

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The Cloaker’s Codex

A rare manuscript, known as the “Codex of Shadows,” is said to contain knowledge about Cloakers and their origins. When the codex is stolen from the Arcane Academy, Dean Tharion enlists adventurers to retrieve it. Their quest leads them to a Cloaker enclave, where they must negotiate for the codex’s return.

The Cloaked Council

In the secretive city of Veilstead, leaders wear cloaks as a symbol of office. Recently, these cloaks have been acting independently, making decisions without their wearers. The city’s archivist, Selene, believes a Cloaker’s essence has infused the cloaks. Adventurers are sought to investigate the phenomenon, restore the council’s autonomy, and uncover the Cloaker’s influence.

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Adventure Ideas

The Enchanted Emporium

In the bustling market district of Silverton, a new shop, “Cloaks & Curiosities,” has opened. However, patrons report their purchased cloaks moving on their own. The shopkeeper, a naive mage named Faelan, accidentally bound a Cloaker to his wares. Adventurers are hired to untangle the magical mishap and appease the agitated Cloaker.

The Cloaker’s Conclave

Deep in the Whispering Caves, a gathering of Cloakers is rumored to occur once every decade. Legends speak of a ritual that affects the balance of light and shadow in the world. Adventurers, guided by a cryptic map, must witness this rare event, understand the Cloakers’ intentions, and decide whether to intervene.

The Silent Siege

The fortress city of Ironhold, known for its impregnable defenses, is under a peculiar siege. Scouts report no armies, but sentries are mysteriously vanishing, replaced by cloak-like shadows. General Draven believes a Cloaker, seeking revenge for an ancient betrayal, is behind the disappearances. Adventurers are summoned to confront the Cloaker and lift the silent siege.

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