What is a Cloud Giant in pathfinder 2E?

What is a Cloud Giant in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Cloud Giant in Pathfinder 2e? The graceful and regal cloud giants have skin of milky white to powdery blue. Unlike most giants, cloud giants are quite morally diverse. A handful are neutral, but of the others, roughly half are good, while the other half are evil.

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What is a Cloud Giant in pathfinder 2E?

Cloud Giants

Good cloud giants are often civic-minded builders of roads and settlements, and are interested in trading goods as well as cultural innovations. It’s not uncommon for such giants to approach their neighbors with diplomacy and build strong relationships with other peaceful peoples. Conversely, evil cloud giants are often isolationist and xenophobic. Preferring hidden mountain valleys and settlements in the caves and among the crags of lonely peaks, they raid for what they want and treat other creatures like inconsequential insects. These opposing philosophies can generate a great deal of strife among neighboring cloud giant communities, and the raiders often threaten the trade deals of their peaceful cousins.

Legends persist of floating cities ruled by magically gifted cloud giant queens and kings. While most cloud giants plainly state that such claims are pure fantasy, others are mysteriously tight-lipped or evasive about the matter.

Skybound Sanctuary

A mysterious, floating city has appeared on the horizon, attracting the attention of adventurers and scholars alike. Rumored to be the legendary sanctuary of a cloud giant queen, the city could hold secrets and treasures beyond imagination. The players are recruited by a wealthy patron, who seeks the knowledge and artifacts that the fabled city may contain. As they venture into the sky, they must navigate the political intrigue of cloud giant society and uncover the truth behind the floating city’s sudden appearance.

The Storm King’s Ransom

A powerful storm ravages the countryside, leaving destruction in its wake. Survivors speak of a vengeful cloud giant king who demands a tribute from the local populace, lest his wrathful storms continue. The players are tasked with journeying to the giant’s hidden mountain fortress to negotiate a truce or, if necessary, confront the angry monarch and put an end to his tyranny.

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A Tale of Two Giants

Two cloud giant siblings, one good and the other evil, are locked in a bitter feud that threatens to destroy the balance of power in the region. As their conflict escalates, the surrounding lands become a battleground between the giants’ forces. The players must choose a side, or find a way to broker peace between the warring siblings before their struggle engulfs the entire region.

The Cloud Giant’s Labyrinth

A renowned cloud giant architect has created a magical, ever-changing labyrinth that floats among the clouds. This enigmatic structure is said to house a powerful artifact guarded by the architect’s cunning traps and magical guardians. The players are drawn to the challenge of navigating the labyrinth, seeking the artifact within while contending with the whims of its capricious creator.

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Adventure Ideas

The Cloud Giant’s Bargain

A benevolent cloud giant emissary approaches a small village, offering to build much-needed infrastructure in exchange for assistance with a dire problem. The giant’s settlement has been plagued by a powerful, malevolent creature, and the cloud giants lack the means to vanquish it. The players are asked to help the cloud giant community by confronting the monstrous threat and, in return, the grateful giants will provide their unique talents to aid the village.

The Aerial Armada

A warlord has discovered the means to control a faction of evil cloud giants, assembling a formidable aerial armada to conquer neighboring lands. The players must infiltrate the warlord’s stronghold, learn the secret to controlling the giants, and free them from their enslavement before the warlord’s conquest begins in earnest.

The Shattered Summit

A mysterious explosion has shattered a once-proud mountain peak, leaving behind a floating remnant at its center. Locals speak of a cloud giant who once called the mountain home, and rumors circulate that the giant’s treasure lies buried within the floating debris. The players must venture into the treacherous remains of the shattered summit to uncover the truth of the mountain’s destruction and claim the hidden riches before they are lost forever.

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