What is an Crimson Worm Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Crimson Worm in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Crimson Worm in Pathfinder 2e? Among the most dangerous cave worms are the fiery crimson worms. In addition to being even larger than azure or purple worms, the crimson worm has a penchant for burrowing through volcanic regions that, over the generations, have infused it with a supernatural link to the Elemental Plane of Fire. The molten heart of an active volcano is an attractive lair for a crimson worm, as are the sprawling fields of bubbling magma found in the deepest reaches of the Darklands.

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What is an Crimson Worm Pathfinder 2e?

Crimson Worm Moats

Legends from ancient peoples, precursor dwarven societies, and colonists of the Elemental Planes populated moats of lava with crimson worms likely have some basis in truth, although the methods such ancients used to keep these “moat worms” contained and prevented them from chewing their way through fortress foundations must have been significant.


Crimson worms sometimes frequent areas on the surface where volcanism creates hot springs or other geothermal features, but even then they prefer to spend most of their time burrowing through the ground in their never-ending search for sustenance. Surface lands claimed by crimson worms are notable for the mound-shaped burrows these creatures leave behind as they dig.

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The Elemental Infusion

A group of elemental mages seeks the adventurers’ help. They wish to study the Crimson Worm’s connection to the Elemental Plane of Fire. The adventurers must capture the worm alive and bring it back to the mages. However, the worm resides in a dangerous volcanic region, and capturing it will be no easy task.

The Worm’s Awakening

An ancient Crimson Worm, long dormant within a mountain, has been awakened by a powerful earthquake. The worm’s awakening has caused volcanic activity to increase dramatically, threatening nearby settlements. The adventurers must find a way to return the worm to its slumber and save the settlements from a volcanic disaster.

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Adventure Ideas

The Inferno’s Wrath

A Crimson Worm has been terrorizing a kingdom, burning villages and turning fields to ash. The king has offered a substantial reward to anyone who can slay the beast. As the adventurers hunt the worm, they uncover a plot within the kingdom’s court. Someone has been using the worm’s attacks to cover their own nefarious deeds.

The Pyroclastic Threat

The adventurers come across a city built within a vast cavern, warmed and lit by rivers of flowing magma. However, the city is in danger as a Crimson Worm has been sighted nearby. The city’s leaders fear that the worm’s burrowing could redirect the magma flow and engulf the city. The adventurers must drive the worm away before it’s too late.

The Burning Descent

A renowned explorer has gone missing during an expedition to chart a newly discovered volcanic region. His last message spoke of a massive creature burrowing through the magma – a Crimson Worm. The adventurers are tasked with rescuing the explorer, forcing them to confront the fiery beast in its own territory.

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