What is an Cyclops in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Cyclops in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Cyclops in Pathfinder 2e? The kingdoms of the cyclopes date to an age before the rise of humanity, when dragons and giants and serpent folk ruled the world. The cyclopes built enormous stone cities and prayed to ancient gods of brutality and wrath, but their power to foresee the future failed them, and their civilization collapsed. Today, most cyclopes have virtually no knowledge of the former glory of their kind, even though it is not uncommon for them to dwell among the ruins of their greatness. Cyclops cities include monuments and imposing murals that depict their peoples’ history, but few now among them can read or interpret these relics of the past.

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What is an Cyclops in Pathfinder 2e?

Never Ending Hunger

In addition to their single eye, cyclopes are also famous for their never-ending hunger, an appetite so all-consuming that some scholars theorize it may in fact be some kind of curse. The ever-present hunger of the cyclopes seems to have some connection to the death of their civilization—though whether this voracity was the cause or a side-effect of their people’s downfall is likely destined to remain a mystery.

Although details of the cyclopes’ gods have largely been lost to the annals of time, what little is known about these deities suggests they were vindictive and petty enough to curse their own people if they felt neglected or badly served.

The Oracle’s Eye

The party hears rumors of a Cyclops who still retains some of the old ways and has the ability to see into the future. They must journey to the Cyclops’ lair, navigate its traps and guardians, and convince the Cyclops to share a prophecy that could save their kingdom.

The Hunger of the Cyclops

A Cyclops has been terrorizing a local village, driven by an insatiable hunger. The party must find a way to satiate the Cyclops’ hunger or find a way to remove the curse causing it.

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The Fallen Kingdom

The party discovers the ruins of an ancient Cyclops civilization. As they explore, they must contend with the Cyclops’ descendants who still dwell there, and perhaps uncover the truth of the civilization’s downfall.

The Cyclops’ Curse

A vindictive Cyclops has cursed a local town, causing the inhabitants to slowly turn into Cyclopes themselves. The party must find the Cyclops and break the curse before it’s too late.

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Adventure Ideas

The Cyclops’ Treasure

Legend tells of a Cyclops who hoarded a vast treasure. The party must find the treasure, but the ghost of the Cyclops still guards it jealously.

The Cyclops’ Riddle

A Cyclops challenges the party to a contest of riddles. If they win, they earn its respect and a valuable reward. If they lose, they become its next meal.

The Cyclops’ Sacrifice

A Cyclops demands a yearly sacrifice from a local village. The party must either find a way to appease the Cyclops or stand against it to end the cruel tradition.

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