What is a Dark Naga in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Dark Naga in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Dark Naga in Pathfinder 2e? Dark nagas are wicked, jealous creatures that crave power and wealth. Indeed, the dark naga sees such ideals as spiritual expressions of an essential truth: if one can take something, that something is theirs to have. The dark naga sees other creatures as lessers worthy only of subjugation or as rivals who must be eliminated.

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What is a Dark Naga in Pathfinder 2e?

Dark Naga Locations

Dark nagas dwell in remote places other creatures have forsaken, searching abandoned ruins for wealth and potent magic items. Those unlucky trespassers into a dark naga’s lair typically find themselves as the naga’s slaves or playthings, put to sleep with the monster’s poison or incinerated by its deadly magic. Some dark nagas are more disposed toward socializing than others; in these cases, they may become wicked despots who rule over enclaves of captive or unsuspecting subjects. Subtler dark nagas, especially those who crave finer luxuries, dwell in or under the wealthy settlements and use their wiles to garner a decadent following, forming something akin to a cult with the naga as the jewelry-bedecked object of worship.

Dark Naga

The Dark Serpent’s Web

The prosperous city of Valaria has fallen under the hypnotic sway of a charismatic figure, known only as “The Serpent”. The wealthiest of Valaria have started to disappear, with rumors of a secretive cult circulating among the city’s lower classes. The adventurers are hired by a concerned noble, whose son has fallen under The Serpent’s influence, to investigate and break the hypnotic hold over the city’s elite.

The Sable Crown

The kingdom of Zephra has been suffering from its ruler’s increasing tyranny. King Eldrion, once a just and beloved ruler, now rules with an iron fist. Unknown to the populace, a Dark Naga found its way into the palace and has subtly assumed control over the King, using him as its puppet to impose its will on the kingdom.

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The Cursed Mines

The miners of the Keldan mines have gone missing, and the mining town of Keld is in panic. Investigations have found traces of potent magic in the mines. A dark naga, lured by the mine’s rich mineral wealth, has turned the miners into its obedient minions, forcing them to extract the valuable ores for it.

The Ruins of Xylanthia

Rumors abound about the mysterious ancient ruins of Xylanthia, known for its lost treasures and deadly traps. Lately, adventurers seeking their fortune there have not returned, and locals report a sinister presence. It seems a Dark Naga has claimed the ruins as its lair, turning treasure hunters into its hypnotized slaves.

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Adventure Ideas

In the Shadow of the Serpent

A band of bandits has become unusually coordinated and successful in their raids. These criminals seem to possess uncanny knowledge of the best targets and times for their attacks. The local baron, suspecting some unseen force at work, hires the adventurers to infiltrate the bandits and discover the source of their new power.

The Serpent’s Idol

An artifact known as the Serpent’s Eye has been stolen from the city’s museum. The city’s guards have been mystified by the lack of any evidence of a break-in. The adventurers are hired by the museum’s curator, who suspects a dark naga may be behind the theft, given the artifact’s rumored ability to amplify a naga’s power.

Chains of the Abyss

In the undercity of Dolurrh, a rebellion is stirring. The once chaotic undercity has fallen under the control of a tyrant known as the Sable Mistress, who has been subjugating the denizens using powerful magic. The resistance movement, aware of the Mistress’s true identity as a dark naga, hires the adventurers to take her down and free the undercity.

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