What is an Drakauthix Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Drakauthix in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Drakauthix in Pathfinder 2e? The drakauthix is a massive fungus that floats through the heights of the largest Darklands caverns, propelled by bladders that spray air and spores. A voracious but slow-moving hunter, the drakauthix prefers to ambush meaty creatures from above, using its hooked appendages to pull its victims upward to feed.

What is an Drakauthix Pathfinder 2e?


The drakauthix’s digestive process is entirely external—it clings to victims, and its spore-laden surface slowly feeds on and grows through the flesh before the spore-infested carcass is discarded. As the infested body strikes the ground below, it bursts and releases a cloud of spores, unleashing a host of young called sporelings that immediately scuttle up the cavern walls to cling to its ceiling and grow.


The drakauthix behaves no more intelligently than most predatory animals, and often uses a sort of symbiotic scavenger method to secure prey by capitalizing on the hunting methods of oozes and vermin found in the large cave systems it frequents. When a relatively mindless creature kills a victim, the drakauthix drifts down, hooks the freshly slain carcass with its tendrils, and reels in its meal. The mindless ooze or other creature that just had its food stolen rarely holds a grudge and simply slithers off to find a new quarry, letting the drakauthix digest the corpse in peace.

Of course, the drakauthix isn’t above feasting on more active prey as well, and might attack an adventurer who neglects to look upward for danger when exploring a network of mysterious caves.

Duergar Relationship

Some Darklands-dwelling creatures, such as duergars, hunt drakauthixes for their flesh, which has a unique flavor with a peppery aftertaste. Subterranean races also make ink from drakauthixes by burning their carcasses, then grinding and pressing the ashes for a long time until a silvery substance congeals.

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The Drakauthix’s Secret

A group of adventurers discovers an ancient prophecy about a Drakauthix that holds the key to a powerful artifact. They must find the Drakauthix and uncover its secret before a rival group of adventurers does.

The Fungal Plague

A mysterious illness has struck a remote village, causing its inhabitants to sprout fungal growths. The adventurers are called upon to investigate and discover that a Drakauthix is the source of the plague. They must venture into the creature’s lair and find a way to stop the spread of the spores.

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Adventure Ideas

The Sporeling Infestation

Deep within the caverns of the Underdark, a small mining town has been plagued by a mysterious infestation. The miners are falling ill, their bodies covered in strange fungal growths. The adventurers are hired to investigate, and they discover that the source of the infestation is a Drakauthix, a massive fungus creature that has made its home in the depths of the mine. The adventurers must find a way to destroy the Drakauthix and its sporelings before the entire town is consumed.

The Cave of the Drakauthix

A group of adventurers stumbles upon a cave filled with strange, fungal growths. As they explore deeper, they encounter a Drakauthix, a massive fungus creature that floats through the cave, spraying spores. The adventurers must navigate through the cave, avoiding the Drakauthix and its sporelings, while trying to find a way out.

The Drakauthix Hunt

A wealthy patron hires the adventurers to hunt down a Drakauthix, a creature of legend said to inhabit the deepest caverns of the Underdark. The patron seeks to study the creature and its spores for their potential medicinal properties. The adventurers must track down the Drakauthix, capture it alive, and bring it back to their patron.

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