What is an Dullahan Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Dullahan in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Dullahan in Pathfinder 2e? Riding on a horse as black as night, the headless hunter known as the dullahan tracks down and takes the heads of those it deems unfit to continue living. When closing in for the kill, the dullahan first whispers its victim’s name, then swiftly collects its prize, casting a pall of dread upon all who witness the grim execution.

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What is an Dullahan Pathfinder 2e?


A dullahan manifests when a particularly violent warrior is beheaded and the warrior’s soul stubbornly clings to material existence (or is refused entry to the afterlife). Most dullahans return to their former homelands, where they can exact vengeance those they feel wronged them in life (or their living descendants). A dullahan’s concept of justice is swift and merciless, and once it has selected a target, it is unwavering in its cause.

Dullahan Desires

Perhaps even more than revenge on the living, a dullahan desires its own rotted head. An individual who wields the head of a dullahan is powerful indeed, for a dullahan will grudgingly serve such a master in the hopes of reclaiming its missing skull. Mighty fiends such as devils command dullahans to harvest souls or lead armies for them, while a mortal might use such an undead warrior to fulfill a personal vendetta. No matter its master’s rank or station, however, a dullahan won’t hesitate to kill its liege and reclaim its head when the opportunity presents itself.

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Dullahan Lairs

Most dullahan lairs are abandoned, overgrown ruins or other dilapidated places where severed heads and other trophies line the walls. Some dullahans, on the other hand, are content to simply commit their foul deeds and leave the remains of their decapitated victims in the streets, strewn among a copse of dead trees, or unceremoniously tossed in a bog hole.

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Adventure Ideas

The Silent Coachman

The town of Ustalav is gripped by fear. A spectral carriage, known as the “Coach of the Silent,” has been seen roaming the streets at night, pulled by spectral horses and driven by a headless figure – a Dullahan. The townsfolk are terrified, as those who hear their name whispered by the Dullahan are found decapitated the next morning. The party is hired to investigate and put an end to this reign of terror.

They must unravel the mystery of the Dullahan’s victims, discover the connection between them, and find a way to stop the spectral carriage. Along the way, they will encounter terrified townsfolk, haunted locations, and the chilling presence of the Dullahan itself. The climax of the adventure will involve a confrontation with the Dullahan and its spectral carriage, a battle that will test the party’s courage and resolve.

The Ebony Hounds

In the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, a chilling tale circulates among the Ulfen warriors. They speak of Dullahans who hunt their victims using packs of hellish ebony hounds. Recently, several warriors have gone missing, and the remaining warriors are too terrified to venture into the wilderness. The party is tasked with investigating these disappearances. As they delve deeper into the mystery, they will encounter the eerie ebony hounds and eventually, their Dullahan masters. The climax of the adventure will involve a desperate battle against the Dullahans and their hounds, with the fate of the missing warriors hanging in the balance.

The Headless Sailor

Along the western coasts of Garund, pirates and merchants alike insist on the existence of a black-sailed ship crewed entirely by headless undead sailors. The ship is said to be captained by a Dullahan, who uses his spectral crew to terrorize the seas. The party is hired by a desperate merchant guild to put an end to the Dullahan’s reign of terror. The adventure will involve tracking the ship, battling the undead crew, and finally confronting the Dullahan captain. Along the way, the party will have to navigate treacherous waters, deal with hostile sea creatures, and uncover the tragic history of the Dullahan and his crew.

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