What is a Faceless Stalker in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Faceless Stalker in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Faceless Stalker in Pathfinder 2e? Among the subtler of the alghollthu creations were the ugothols—also known as faceless stalkers. These twisted beings used shapeshifting to infiltrate settlements and assassinate key targets. They sowed discord and replaced leaders, causing unwanted organizations to implode and bothersome people to lose face and eventually disappear.

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Entirely terrestrial in nature, ugothols can easily extend alghollthu plots above the waves for extended periods of time, giving their aquatic masters enhanced reach into these unpleasantly dry realms. Today, most faceless stalkers—like the less dangerous ulat-kinis—pursue programmed goals without the guidance of alghollthu rule. Faceless stalkers prefer to live as close to the sea coast as possible, although they are not aquatic creatures themselves. Most dwell in tiny tribes in marshlands. Others live in the sewers of coastal towns.

By instinct, faceless stalkers seek to sow discord. They replace leaders in humanoid societies, then guide infiltrated settlements down paths of destruction. Among humanoids who have wicked tendencies, a faceless stalker can become a prominent trailblazer, leading a group to new heights of depravity and violence. Inevitably, however, faceless stalker infiltrators lead their followers to ruin. The ugothol eventually moves on—either because its true nature is about to be discovered, or because it has despoiled or devastated all local resources.

An ugothol gains nourishment only through its long, bloodsucking tongue. Their prey bear distinctive triple puncture wounds near major arteries. Corpses bearing such marks are typically the first clues found to uncover a faceless stalker’s presence, though sometimes they are overlooked as marks belonging to a vampire or chupacabra.

The False Heroes

A group of heroes has been going around the region, solving problems and gaining the trust of the local populace. However, the party discovers that these heroes are actually faceless stalkers in disguise, using their gained trust to manipulate events in their favor. The party must expose the false heroes and stop the stalkers’ plan.

The Body Snatchers

A series of murders have occurred in the city, and the victims all have one thing in common – they were all individuals of influence and power. The party is hired to investigate and discovers that faceless stalkers are behind the murders, taking the places of their victims to infiltrate the city’s power structure.

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The Vanishing Villagers

Villagers have been disappearing from a small town, and the party is asked to investigate. They discover that faceless stalkers are kidnapping the villagers and taking their places. The party must rescue the kidnapped villagers and put an end to the stalkers’ scheme.

The Stolen Identity

A prominent figure in the city has been acting strangely and making decisions that are causing unrest. The party is hired to investigate and soon discovers that the figure has been replaced by a faceless stalker. They must expose the imposter and stop whatever plot the stalkers are hatching.

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Adventure Ideas

The Masquerade Ball

The local nobility is hosting a masquerade ball, and the party is invited. However, amidst the festivities, guests start to act strangely and secrets are revealed. The party must uncover which guests have been replaced by faceless stalkers and stop their sinister plot.

The Lost Expedition

An expedition to explore a newly discovered island has gone missing, and the party is hired to find out what happened. Upon arriving at the island, they discover that the expedition members have been replaced by faceless stalkers who are using the island as a base of operations.

The Cursed Village

A village is suffering from a mysterious curse that causes its inhabitants to lose their memories and identities. The party must uncover the source of the curse and discover the connection to a group of faceless stalkers that have taken over the village.

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