What is a Glabrezu in Pathfinder 2e text over an image of a large demon with crab like claws and two human arms coming out of its chest with a hellish landscape in the background

What is a Glabrezu (Demon)?

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The Glabrezu. They stand 18 feet tall and weigh over 6000 pounds. These massive demons have enormous pincers and a pair of smaller humanoid arms sprouting from their chests, but their size belies their skill at magic, and they possess formidable innate spells. Treachery demons arise from the souls of mortals engaged in treason and deception.

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What is a Glabrezu in Pathfinder 2e text over an image of a large demon with crab like claws and two human arms coming out of its chest with a hellish landscape in the background

Twisting Desires

Glabrezus are looming behemoths who revel in the act of twisting mortal desires into their ultimate ruin, betraying and manipulating as easily as they breathe. Desires granted by a glabrezu always come to fruition in the most destructive way possible, turning a wish or hope into a potent and devastating act of betrayal—although the long-term repercussions are not always immediately apparent.

For example, a struggling weapon smith might wish for fame and skill at their craft, only to find that their best patron is a cruel and sadistic murderer who uses the weapons in bloody sprees. Or a lonely widower might have his desire granted in the form of a lost love returned to “life” as a vampire. Glabrezus are nothing if not creative in addressing a mortal’s needs.

Once per month, a glabrezu can grant a mortal humanoid the effects of a miracle spell granted by an Abyssal patron, though the glabrezu always perverts the miracle according to their own treacherous nature.

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Truth Vulnerability 

A glabrezu’s lies sustain them, and the truth can destroy them. Whenever a revelation effect counteracts or reveals the glabrezu’s illusions or the glabrezu fails a save against an effect that would prevent them from lying (such as zone of truth), the demon takes 3d6 mental damage. They take this damage only once per effect, even if the effect reveals multiple illusions or prevents multiple lies.

Need Full Stats

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Adventure Ideas

Artifact Merchant

The players are hired by a wealthy merchant who has made a deal with a glabrezu to increase his profits. The demon has granted the merchant’s wish by giving him a powerful artifact that allows him to control the market and eliminate his competitors. However, the artifact is cursed, and its use is slowly corrupting the merchant and turning him into a ruthless tyrant. The players must discover the source of the merchant’s newfound power and confront the glabrezu to break the curse and restore balance to the market.

Glowing Blue Crystals

Whispers of the Wish-Weaver

A charming bard in a cozy tavern regales you with tales of an ancient and powerful glabrezu known as the Wish-Weaver. This demon has a talent for twisting the wishes of mortals, wreaking havoc on unsuspecting souls. Rumor has it that the Wish-Weaver has resurfaced, and its presence is causing chaos in the nearby village of Elderwood. As you and your companions investigate, you’ll need to tread carefully, lest you become ensnared in the demon’s devious schemes

The Desires of the Duskfall Town

Adventure Hook: A quaint and prosperous town called Duskfall has recently been experiencing a string of seemingly unrelated misfortunes. As the players investigate, they slowly uncover the sinister machinations of a glabrezu manipulating the townsfolk’s desires for its own twisted ends.


Duskfall Town is a thriving community built around a lucrative mining operation that extracts precious gems and metals from the nearby mountains. Recently, the townspeople have been experiencing strange and unfortunate events, and whispers of curses and dark magic are beginning to spread.

The Plot

Unknown to the townsfolk, a glabrezu named Vestroxis has taken residence in the shadows beneath the town. This demon revels in twisting the desires of mortals into their ultimate ruin, and has been subtly manipulating the townspeople for its own amusement.

As the players arrive in Duskfall, they may initially be drawn to one or more of the following storylines:

  1. A talented young miner named Eldric wished for incredible luck in finding rare gemstones. Vestroxis granted his wish, but the influx of wealth has attracted the attention of a ruthless bandit leader who now extorts and terrorizes the town.
  2. The local healer, Sister Marissa, wished for the ability to cure any disease. While she gained this power, she now unwittingly spreads a deadly, incurable plague with every healing she performs. The plague has begun to infect the townspeople, causing panic and paranoia.
  3. A well-respected blacksmith named Gorrim desired the skill to craft legendary weapons. Vestroxis granted this wish, but the weapons he creates now carry a dark curse. When wielded in battle, the weapons compel their users to commit gruesome acts of violence and betrayal.

As the players uncover these misfortunes and begin to piece together the connection to Vestroxis, the demon will take note of their meddling. It may attempt to deceive or manipulate them, using its innate magical abilities to further its schemes. The players must use their wits and caution to avoid falling victim to the glabrezu’s treachery.

The Climax

In order to stop Vestroxis and undo the twisted desires it has granted, the players must confront the glabrezu in its lair beneath Duskfall. The demon will use its formidable magic and brute strength to defend itself. The players will need to not only defeat the demon but also discover a way to undo the damage it has caused to the town.

The Lair

The entrance to the lair is found in Gorrim the blacksmith’s basement and leads down a set of stairs to a blank wall that is a secret door to room 42 in the map below (found in the uppermost lefthand corner).

The demon is in room number one sitting on a throne of human bones.

Glabrezu Lair


Once Vestroxis has been defeated, the players must help the townspeople deal with the consequences of their desires. This may involve lifting curses, mending broken relationships, or helping the town recover from the chaos the demon sowed. In the end, Duskfall Town will be forever grateful to the players for saving them from the glabrezu’s treachery and may serve as a safe haven or base of operations for the adventurers in the future.

Through this adventure, the players will experience a tale of twisted desires and treachery, as well as face the consequences of their own wishes and actions. The glabrezu’s machinations will test their ability to uncover the truth and challenge them to consider the potential repercussions of their own desires.

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