What is a goblin war chanter in pathfinder 2e words on a blue back ground with an image of two wizards fighting a dozen goblins

What is a Goblin War Chanter in Pathfinder 2e

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Goblins are superstitious, with an intense awe of magic and a fascination with fire; goblins who master magic or fire earn great respect from their kin. This is why goblins respect the goblin war chanter.

While all goblins enjoy singing, goblin war chanters pride themselves on mastering the art of vocal performance. The goblin war chanter’s ballads and jingles are undeniably catchy, though whether they are actually enjoyable is entirely subjective.

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What is a goblin war chanter in pathfinder 2e words on a blue back ground with an image of two wizards fighting a dozen goblins

Goblin war chanter songs

Here is one song that could be sung in combat.

Goblins chew and goblins bite, Goblins cut and goblins fight. Stab the dog and cut the horse,

Goblins eat and take by force!

Go to the end of the post if you want some original Goblin songs.

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How do goblin war chanter songs work?

The Goblin Warchanter can use Goblin Song for one action. The war chanter sings annoying goblin songs, distracting foes with silly and repetitive lyrics. The chanter attempts a Performance check against the Will DCs of up to two enemies within 30 feet. This has the usual traits and restrictions for a Performance check.

Goblins can do more than just sing songs. They also have the ability to cast some spells.

Goblin war chanter occult spells

The Goblin War Chanter has the ability to cast Occult Spontaneous Spells at DC 17, with an attack +7. 1st level has 2 slots with bless, and soothe. Then he has the following cantrips: ghost sound, inspire courage, mage hand, message, and telekinetic projectile.

But what adventures could you use a Goblin War Chanter in?

Goblin adventure ideas

Well, anything that includes a goblin tribe would have one or more goblin war chanters.

Goblin stealing food from a small village

A small goblin tribe has been terrorizing a nearby village, stealing food and supplies. The players are hired to drive the goblins away and retrieve any stolen goods. You could have a goblin war chanter lead this party or for higher level characters you could have several goblin war chanters and other goblins in the tribe.

Goblin War Changer in a red shirt holding a wooden staff over their head

Goblins take over a mine using slave labor

A goblin war boss has taken control of a once-abandoned mine and is using it to gather riches, using slave labor from local raids on smaller villages in the area. The players must stop the war boss and his minions and put an end to their criminal operations. Think about how large a party you would need here. How many goblin war chanters are needed? How many goblins and goblin dogs?

Ancient artifact has been discovered by a goblin tribe

A goblin tribe has taken over an old ruin, and rumors say that they have discovered an ancient artifact. The players must explore the ruin, retrieve the artifact, and defeat the goblin tribe. Since this is an entire tribe in an old ruin sketch out where each type of goblin is living in the ruins. Are the players able to sneak in and retrieve the artifact using stealth and what happens if an alarm is sound?

Here is an example map to fill out. I would put the artifact in room 15 and have it guarded by something much bigger than the goblins that are trying to take this ruin over.

Ruins of the Goblins map from Donjon.bin.sh

Want 7 more adventures?

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Full stats for goblin war chanter

For full stats on the goblin war chanter click here.

More goblin songs

“Goblin Dance Party”: Come on everybody, let’s dance! Goblin party’s your big chance! Shake your hips and wave your hands, Goblin dance party, let’s take a chance!

“Goblin Adventure Song”: We’re going on an adventure, Goblins bold and goblins clever! Through the woods and over the hills, We’ll go exploring, seeking thrills!

“Goblin Battle Hymn”: Goblins charge and goblins fight, We’ll take down foes with all our might! Our swords are sharp and our aim is true, Goblin warriors, we fight for you!

“Goblin Love Song”: Oh my sweet goblin, you’re so fine, I’ll love you until the end of time! Your green skin and crooked teeth, Are the things that make my heart beat!

“Goblin Drinking Song”: Raise your mug and lets all cheer, Goblin ale, it’s the best here! We’ll drink and sing until we drop, Goblin party, it’s non-stop!

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