What is a Grothlut in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Grothlut in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Grothlut in Pathfinder 2e? Sluglike abominations, grothluts are fleshwarps that were once humans. While their head and torsos are vaguely human, their arms are rubbery and move awkwardly at their sides. Wretched creatures, moan piteously when other creatures are near, perhaps as the last remnants of their shattered human consciousness pleads to be free from their horrid warped form.

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What is a Grothlut in Pathfinder 2e?

Use For Shock Troops In Combat

Many fleshwarpers consider the grothlut to be a failure of creation, as the transformation all but stamps out the human consciousness. Others disagree, arguing that warping the creature’s mind makes it all the more useful since its stupidity makes it pliable and easy to herd. Drow typically use grothluts as guardians that slowly patrol the edges of their enclaves. Once in position, grothluts can be used as crude shock troops, unleashed to soften enemy forces before more-valuable warriors wade in and cut down the enemies who have been nauseated by the grothluts’ exploded organs and flesh.

The Grothlut’s Grasp

The adventurers stumble upon a small village that has been terrorized by a Grothlut, a slug-like abomination that was once human. The creature has been kidnapping villagers, and the adventurers are tasked with tracking it down and rescuing the villagers. The Grothlut’s lair is filled with the remnants of its past life, providing clues to its origin and perhaps a way to reverse its transformation.

The Alchemist’s Request

A renowned alchemist hires the adventurers to capture a Grothlut. The alchemist believes that the Grothlut’s unique physiology could be the key to a powerful new potion. The adventurers must track down the Grothlut, subdue it, and bring it back alive. However, they soon discover that the Grothlut is not the mindless beast it appears to be.

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The Grothlut’s Revenge

A Grothlut has been terrorizing a city, seeking revenge on the wizards who transformed it. The adventurers are hired to stop the Grothlut’s rampage. As they investigate, they uncover a conspiracy involving the city’s mage guild and must decide whether to side with the Grothlut or the wizards.

The Grothlut’s Curse

The adventurers come across a cursed artifact that transforms one of them into a Grothlut. They must find a way to reverse the transformation before their friend loses their humanity entirely. Their quest leads them to a forgotten temple filled with dangerous traps and powerful magic.

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Adventure Ideas

The Grothlut’s Maze

 The adventurers are trapped in a labyrinthine dungeon by a cunning Grothlut. The Grothlut uses the dungeon as a hunting ground, stalking its prey from the shadows. The adventurers must navigate the maze, avoid the Grothlut’s traps, and confront the creature in order to escape.

The Grothlut’s Bargain

 A Grothlut offers the adventurers a deal: it will provide them with valuable information if they help it exact revenge on a powerful wizard who transformed it into a monster. The adventurers must decide whether to trust the Grothlut and risk the wizard’s wrath or find another way to obtain the information they need.

The Grothlut’s Secret

The adventurers find a Grothlut in a state of distress. It has regained some of its human consciousness and begs the adventurers to help it. The Grothlut reveals that it was once a powerful mage who was transformed by a rival. The adventurers must find a way to reverse the transformation and help the Grothlut reclaim its former life.

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