What is an Guthallath in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Guthallath in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Guthallath in Pathfinder 2e? A guthallath is an enormous construct created long ago by some unknown empire, probably as a war machine. Nearly 100 feet tall, this massive stone statue typically resembles a stalwart warrior wearing only a loincloth and skullcap. Few have seen the entire body of a guthallath, though; most of the time such a relic is buried up to its neck, covered in moss and stranded in some forgotten place. Yet, every so often, one of these harbingers of destruction reactivates in response to some unknown stimulus or rallying call, and when this happens, woe be unto any who stand in its way.

What is an Guthallath in Pathfinder 2e?

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Unpredictable Constructs

While the guthallath’s ancient enemies are gone, it is an engine of pure destruction, designed to rampage for weeks or even months. While not intelligent enough to enjoy or regret its acts, the guthallath cannot be reasoned with—it is unaffected by most magic, and is unpredictable in how it selects its targets (and creatures it spares).

The Buried Secret

The adventurers find an ancient text that speaks of a powerful weapon that can stop a rampaging Guthallath. However, the weapon is buried with the Guthallath itself. The adventurers must find the sleeping Guthallath, retrieve the weapon without awakening it, and use it to stop another Guthallath that has already awakened and is causing destruction.

The Unpredictable Colossus

A Guthallath has been awakened and is on a path of destruction. However, its targets seem random, and it spares certain creatures. The adventurers must figure out the pattern and use it to their advantage to stop the Guthallath.

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The Cycle of Destruction

The adventurers are hired by a kingdom that has been repeatedly devastated by a Guthallath every few centuries. The cycle is about to begin again, and the kingdom seeks the help of the adventurers to break this cycle once and for all.

The Awakening of the Colossus

The adventurers come across a small village that has been completely destroyed. The villagers speak of a massive stone warrior, a Guthallath, that suddenly awoke and began a rampage. The adventurers must track the Guthallath, decipher the mystery of its awakening, and find a way to send it back into its deep slumber.

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The Awakening

The adventurers stumble upon a village in the throes of panic. The villagers speak of a colossal stone warrior, the Guthallath, that has awakened from its slumber and is laying waste to their lands. The adventurers must find a way to put the Guthallath back to sleep or divert its path of destruction away from the village.

The Forgotten War Machine

In a remote location deep in the wilderness, the adventurers discover a massive stone statue buried up to its neck. It is a Guthallath, an ancient war machine created by a long-lost empire. As they explore the area, the Guthallath awakens and begins its destructive cycle. The adventurers must find a way to deactivate it before it wreaks havoc on nearby settlements.

The Cycle of Destruction

The adventurers are hired by a scholar who has discovered a pattern in the destruction of civilizations throughout history. He believes a Guthallath is responsible and fears that another awakening is imminent. The adventurers must find the Guthallath and prevent it from awakening or prepare for the onslaught.

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