What is a Harpy in Pathfinder 2e?

What is a Harpy in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Harpy in Pathfinder 2e? Harpies are filthy amalgamations of human and bird, resembling feral humans with wings, talons, and mouths full of sharp teeth. They use captivating songs to lure creatures in, then murder them while they stand transfixed. They enjoy causing confusion and fear in their prey before they strike, believing it creates a savory flavor in the flesh. Harpies can eat most creatures but strongly prefer sapient prey—humans and elves are their favorite. Although harpies will eat goblins if sufficiently hungry, they dislike their flavor and avoid eating them if possible. This doesn’t comfort goblins, of course, who have a particularly strong fear of harpies. Because their aeries often reek with the gore of their kills and careless spatters of guano, harpies carry a distinctly vile scent that canny travelers associate with danger. Harpies who roost close to civilization make better efforts to keep clean, though these efforts have mixed results.

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Harpies live in family groups or larger clans. They are lightweight despite their size, standing 5 feet tall and weighing only around 90 pounds. While most use relatively simple weapons, some harpies take pride in learning and mastering the use of more complex tools of war such as swords and slings. Those who master the use of the bow, in particular, are often regarded as heroes among their kind and terrors among their victims.

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The Harpy’s Desolate Island

Sailors speak of an uncharted island where ships are lured and never return. The adventurers, seeking to chart this island, find themselves facing not just treacherous waters but also harpies using their songs to crash ships onto rocky shores.

Echoes of the Harpy Caves

The Echo Caves are a popular tourist spot, known for their unique acoustics. However, recent visitors report hearing haunting melodies that leave them feeling disoriented. The adventurers are hired to explore the caves and discover a lost harpy tribe using the acoustics for their enchanting songs.

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The Harpy’s Feathered Heist

In the grand city of Goldspire, a series of thefts at high-profile events have been reported. Witnesses speak of a shadowy figure with wings. The adventurers are tasked with guarding the next big event, only to discover a group of harpies planning their most audacious heist yet.

The Harpy’s Eerie Lullaby

The coastal village of Wavecrest is under a peculiar spell. Every sunset, a lullaby drifts from the nearby cliffs, putting everyone into a deep, dreamless sleep until noon the next day. The adventurers are hired to resist the lullaby’s effects and find its harpy singer to break the spell.

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Adventure Ideas

The Harpy’s Midnight Concert

Every midnight in the town of Luna’s Rest, a mesmerizing song fills the air, lulling its residents into a deep sleep. The next morning, valuables are missing. The adventurers are hired to stay awake and catch the culprits, only to discover a group of harpies performing a midnight concert and taking advantage of the slumbering town.

Dance of the Harpies

In the desert city of Sandspire, a once-in-a-decade event is about to occur: the Dance of the Harpies. It’s a mesmerizing spectacle where harpies display their aerial acrobatics. However, rumors suggest that the harpies have a hidden agenda this year. The adventurers are tasked with attending the event and ensuring no foul play occurs.

The Harpy’s Forbidden Song

An ancient scroll speaks of a song so powerful it can control the elements. The melody is said to be known only to the eldest of harpies. When the weather in the region starts behaving erratically, the adventurers are hired to find this harpy and learn if the Forbidden Song is the cause.

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