What is a Harpy Skeleton in Pathfinder 2e text on dark blue background with a picture of a skeleton of a Harpy with bone wings.

What is a Harpy Skeleton in Pathfinder 2e?

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What is a Harpy Skeleton in Pathfinder 2e RPG? A live harpy’s song is compelling and captivating; a harpy skeleton’s is anything but, rending the target’s mind. Made from bones held together by foul necromancy, skeletons are among the most common types of undead, found haunting old dungeons and forgotten cemeteries.

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What is a Harpy Skeleton in Pathfinder 2e text on dark blue background with a picture of a skeleton of a Harpy with bone wings.


The harpy skeleton emits an unearthly, bone-chilling scream that deals 4d10 mental damage to all creatures in a 30-foot cone (DC 26 basic Will save). A creature that fails its save is frightened 1 (or frightened 2 on a critical failure). The harpy skeleton can’t Shriek again for 1d4 rounds.

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Adventures for the Skeleton (Harpy)

The Cursed Melody

A mysterious melody has been echoing through a nearby forest, drawing unsuspecting travelers into the depths of the woods. Those who follow the music never return, and the locals are growing increasingly fearful. Rumor has it that a harpy skeleton is the source of the cursed melody, luring victims into its lair before attacking with its fearsome shriek and razor-sharp talons. The adventurers are tasked with uncovering the truth behind the eerie music and putting an end to the harpy skeleton’s sinister song. As they delve into the forest, they must navigate its hidden dangers, confront the harpy skeleton, and discover the dark secret that binds the creature to its deadly melody. Success could not only save the local community from further terror but also reveal the tragic tale behind the harpy skeleton’s haunting existence.

The Haunting Melodies

Adventure Hook:

The adventurers hear rumors of a haunting melody echoing through a desolate mountain pass, causing fear and panic among the locals. Travelers have reported sightings of skeletal figures with bird-like features and sharp talons, and those who have ventured too close have not returned. The townspeople are desperate for someone to investigate the source of the eerie music and put an end to the danger lurking in the mountains.


Long ago, a coven of harpies made their home in the mountain pass, luring unsuspecting travelers to their doom with their hypnotic songs. Over time, their wickedness caught the attention of a necromancer who sought to harness the harpies’ dark power. He cast a powerful spell on the coven, turning them into undead harpy skeletons that were bound to his will.

However, the necromancer’s control was not absolute. With his eventual demise, the harpy skeletons were left to roam the mountain pass, their haunting melodies continuing to draw in victims. Their continued existence has caused the mountain pass to be avoided and feared by the locals.

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The Plot:

The adventurers decide to investigate the harpy skeleton sightings and venture into the desolate mountain pass. As they travel deeper into the mountains, they start to hear the haunting melodies and encounter signs of the harpy skeletons’ grisly deeds.

While exploring the area, the adventurers find the remnants of the necromancer’s lair, where they uncover information about the ritual he used to create the harpy skeletons. They learn that to put an end to the undead creatures, they must find and destroy the necromancer’s phylactery hidden somewhere in the mountains.


As the adventurers locate the phylactery, they are confronted by the harpy skeletons, which attack with their bone-chilling Shriek and powerful talons. The adventurers must defeat the harpy skeletons in a fierce battle while trying to avoid succumbing to their fear-inducing shrieks.

Once the harpy skeletons are defeated, the adventurers must destroy the phylactery, which breaks the dark magic binding the creatures and finally puts them to rest.


With the harpy skeletons vanquished and the haunting melodies silenced, a mountain pass is no longer a place of fear and danger for the locals. Grateful for the adventurers’ help, the townspeople offer a reward and spread the tale of their heroic deeds.

The discovery of the necromancer’s lair and his dark experiments with the harpy skeletons might lead the adventurers to further explore the region, uncovering other hidden secrets and dark magics. They could also choose to hunt down other undead creatures or investigate the lingering effects of the necromancer’s influence on the land.

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